11 September 2015

GE2015 Sample Count Results

Didn't know there was something called "Sample Count", following is a description:

Sample Count

Basically it gives people a rough idea of the polling results for each area so people don't have to wait too long to know the results.

The sample count results don't look good for opposition forces, Worker's Party seems to have lost their Punggol East SMC with PAP winning 51%. As for the rest of the known results, PAP won every constituency except Hougang.

Now I'm waiting for Tanjong Pagar and Aljunied results, I think the rest no need to see, we all know which party will win.

Update1: Just noticed SDP Chee Soon Juan's A team was defeated at Holland-Bukit Timah with PAP winning 66%. Also noticed Han Hui Hui was defeated at Radin Mas, she only have 9% of votes, I think she will lose deposit, why in the world did she contest, who in their right mind will vote for her, apparently 9% of the voters in Radin Mas weren't in their right minds today.

Update2: Aljunied sample count results out, Worker's Party defended its position winning at 52%, very close, as expected, I was thinking they will do very badly but lucky for them they didn't lose the GRC, I hope they will do better in their next term, of all the opposition parties in Singapore, this party is the only one can make it, but they need to be more careful.

Update3: Mr. Chiam See Tong's wife Mdm. Lina Chiam was defeated at Potong Pasir with PAP winning 68%, somehow I feel sad because I have a lot of respect for Mr. Chiam, time really show no mercy.

Update4: Tanjong Pagar PAP wins 78%, was hoping that SingFirst lose their deposit.

Update5: They are announcing the actual results now but I won't bother to wait, the sample count is very accurate, now I can go to sleep knowing the country is still in good hands, very glad none of those useless opposition win any seat.

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