11 September 2015

It's Voting Day!

The polling station is just 1 min walk away from my flat, so this morning around 10.30am I went to take a look, there was quite a long queue so I went home and relax, 30 minutes later I go down again and there was a shorter queue so I queued up. I didn't wait too long and it was my turn, I handed my polling card and identity card to a lady, she read out 4 numbers and gave me back my polling card and identity card, she also handed me the voting card, the whole process was very formal, she looked very serious.

So I went and cross out the PAP logo without any thought, dropped my vote into the box and went home. Then we went to have some good food, shopping and buy new shirt for baby, the baby dress so expensive, one set cost $24.90! We also bought some teething toy for baby, think she is going to grow teeth soon, nowadays she keeps salivating.

Then we took taxi home, there was barricade on the way to my home since my area is a polling station, the security told the taxi driver to stop and let us alight, we could have alighted downstairs our flat instead, basket make us walk farther than usual, doesn't make sense for them to block the road when the polling station is so far away, not as if the whole area is polling station, only the pavilion, don't know why they blocked the road.

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