28 September 2015

Planning Thailand Trip in December 2015

Wife say she wants to visit home for the new year, I don't think have enough leave left because all spent on baby and wife appointments, but just nice government announced an additional week of paternity leave, so can use to visit home with wife.

She thinking of going on 30 Dec, I can clear the paternity leave in block leave but if block means can only clear 5 work days because I'm working on 5 days work week so that means can go on leave until 06 Jan because 01 Jan is New Year so that day is holiday, so one extra day.

So now have to do baby's passport first before we book plane ticket, this time I thinking of bringing my parents along, been a while since they met wife's family, also good chance for them to travel, they getting old so I want to let them enjoy as much as I can provide for them, so of course I will be paying their tickets, and hopefully can have enough budget to also pay for their hotel stay.

Initially wanted to go Udon Thani then go Phuket, but looking at recent earth quakes, I think better not, so probably just go to Udon, then come back to Bangkok, hopefully no more bombing, at least the suspects have been caught so not so scared now. If I go alone I don't worry so much, but if go with family then have to be extra careful.


Anonymous said...

Hi MTGS now got a new airline Thai LionAir that flies to Don Mueang. Tix is very competitively priced. If u go non peak period only 140 for 2 ways with free 20kg check in somemore. Fly from T3 also so u can feel atas for that few hrs before boarding haha. U gg peak period might be pricier but u can consider ur options first with Thai LionAir

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Hey, thanks for the tip, didn't know about this new airline, will check it out!