20 September 2015

Saved Money Today!

Yesterday I went to Sheng Siong and bought some groceries to cook for today, it all costed slightly over $20, can serve 4 person, which means me and wife can eat 2 times so today no need to buy any other food, just eat pasta. It's true that one can save money by cooking at home, you can eat more than once, furthermore the gas doesn't cost much. We change our gas every 3 months, let's say 1 month is $10, so one day about $0.33.

  • $5.25 - pasta sauce
  • $3.45 - white button mushroom
  • $2.95 - cheese hot dog
  • $2.51 - minced pork
  • $4.15 - feta cheese
  • $1.95 - pasta
Total $20.26.

The same meal would probably cost me $30 outside including the GST and service charge, eating out is very expensive, nowadays one packet of economical rice can also cost $4 to $5 even without any seafood.

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