06 September 2015

Wife's Bill for Delivery

Can check out this link for details.

So for 20 days of stay in C ward, the charges is $5411.04 after government subsidy plus $108 for A&E, total is $5,519.04. My wife was warded from 06 May to 26 May, actually we went to NUH on 05 May but no bed so we waited till very late and was warded at A&E, that's why there is the charge.

The bill without subsidy is $14,265.40, government subsidized $8854.36, about 62%, glad I choose C ward, if any higher I don't know how much I will have to pay, but please don't start getting worried when you see my wife's bill, she has heart condition so have to go in early to change her medication to prepare for the c-section, for normal natural/c-section deliveries I think less than a week can discharge, some people today deliver tomorrow can discharge.

If my wife is citizen, her final bill would probably be halved, so sometimes I don't understand why some people say government is not helping enough, what do these people expect, free healthcare

Well actually I find it okay to have free healthcare for people who really cannot afford it, especially the elderly, but for working people like me, I don't expect anything free, we are the energy that powers this nation, if we start getting lazy and expect government to give us everything, then this country is in very big trouble.