31 October 2015

Medishield Life Starts Tomorrow on 01 Nov 2015


With this scheme, I no longer have to worry about healthcare costs for my family, my father, mother, wife and daughter all covered, personally I feel that the premiums are acceptable considering the amount of coverage that we get, it's like a big stone off my chest. I don't mind paying the premiums, don't even mind paying for my parents if they have trouble paying, most important thing is they are covered.

Personally I'm covered by NTUC Income, both health and term insurance, I'll probably leave it be, good thing about my private plan is if I'm hospitalized, and if I choose lower wards, I can get cash money daily, or I can choose A class to make my stay more enjoyable. So far I have not claim from my insurance yet, I hope I never have to, my colleagues say if never claim then it's like paying for nothing, well yes they are right, but as a family man, I rather not take this kind of risk, what if something really happen to me and I'm not covered, then how?

Anyway I feel that health insurance is most important, if I die quick, won't be too much burden, what is most fearful is to be half-dead and stuck in hospital, the cost can add up very fast, without a health insurance my family will suffer. Term insurance is more like a bonus, if I die or paralyzed, my family gets a bonus, but I rather be dead than paralyzed, I hate being a burden to people.

Logitech Mouse Still the Best

Earlier on I bought a $10 mouse at Sheng Siong, some unknown brand from China, damn lousy, cable length so short, never specify cable length, buy home then realize too short cannot use, and the scroll is terrible, now I throw it one side to rot.

After that I bought a $9.90 mouse from Challenger, model is Prolink PMC1002, also damn lousy, the click is so noisy and the scroll became faulty after a few usage, scroll up it will scroll down a bit, scroll down it will scroll up a bit, what the hell.

So today I fed up I go buy another mouse, $11 Logitech model is M100r, this one feels so much better, the clicks not noisy, scroll is very smooth and working as I intended, should have just stick to Logitech all the way so I don't have to waste that $10 and $9.90 on those piece of shit mouse.

30 October 2015

Finally Friday

These few weeks so busy, so many things to do, one thing never finish another thing pop out of nowhere, want to go for a break also scared cannot finish work. The only thing I can look forward to is Friday, I love Fridays, it means that I can rest for the next two days.

So during weekends also don't do much, go shopping mall stroll around, eat, come home slack, surf net, play games, disturb baby, really feel like going for a long holiday, life is becoming repetitive.

27 October 2015

Bought a Bottle of Huiji Waist Tonic

Today I finally relented and bought a bottle to try, not sure whether it's good for my lower back pain but if I don't try I will never know. One bottle cost $49.70 at Sheng Siong, have 700ml, one dosage is 20ml, drink twice a day, that means can drink for 17.5 days.

I started my first dose today, so I'll see if my lower back gets stronger or not, this back pain has been bugging me since I ORD from national service, perhaps it's due to the heavy manual labour I did during my NS, I was a bridging combat engineer, damn siong job, have to carry a lot of heavy stuff, a lot of my platoon mates also suffer from back pain.

Or maybe it's because of bad posture, back pain is really difficult to deal with and prevent, I just hope it takes longer to happen, eventually it will happen again but just hope not so soon because it's so painful and I cannot work, young still not so bad, if older then I think jia lat.

26 October 2015

Lower Back Pain Strikes Again

Saturday when baby was crying, I went to pick her up, I bend over and heard a crack sound and a sharp pain at my lower back, I knew I kena again, sigh, I think something to do with stress, these few weeks damn stress because so many things at work.

So from Saturday until now, my back still haven't heal, hopefully tomorrow can heal so I can go back to work, today didn't work because took leave to bring baby for her immunisation, I thought today have to do her pneumococcal so I took leave, this one can pay by my Medisave, end up didn't do, next month then do, what a waste, but just nice my back pain so nothing I can do but rest at home.

24 October 2015

Opened POSB Savings Account for Wife

I received the maternity claim from my employer so today I went to POSB with wife to open a savings account, just need her blue ID card and that's it. So I choose a normal ATM card for her, she also received an iBanking account so no need the passbook, can check everything online, so convenient. The ATM card and iBanking account can be used same day, no need to wait. So after opening the account, I taught her to use the ATM card, make sure to take card and then take money, sometimes people can forget to take the money.

23 October 2015

So Many Beggars and Indirect Beggars

I saw this old woman, she was waiting at the MRT station, morning I see her, evening when I go home also see her, every time I pass by she will call me Da Ge meaning Big Brother in Mandarin, and then she will ask me to help her, I don't even bother and just continue walking. Just a few days ago she was with an old man, the old man also addressed me as Da Ge, I'm 32, and they looked like they are in their 60s at least, and they call me Big Brother, how disgusting, people will really do anything for money, these people have no shame.

Every day during lunchtime, so many of those tissue sellers, 3 packets for $1, super overpriced, this is almost like begging, those kind of tissue 10 packets selling at most $2, sometimes offer 10 packets less than $1 also can get, why in the world will I want to pay 3 for $1 when I can get 10 for less than $1? Then today got one middle-aged guy playing Er Hu, damn lousy, more noisy than entertaining and he walks around expecting people to pay for his music, more like noise. Best part is these people probably are not locals, looks like from China or sometimes brown skin, maybe Indonesia or Thailand, but local or not, they are not going to get a single cent from me, who knows they are even richer than I am, why donate to someone richer than me?

19 October 2015

Suddenly a Thick Haze this Evening!

Just now when I looked out of my window, there is a thick haze, I can even smell the burning in my kitchen, how come today suddenly so bad, even with our help, the haze seems to be burning ever stronger.

Wonder how bad it will get, this is really no good for health, for adults I think still not so bad but for children I think it's very bad because they are still growing, might damage their growth or something. I hope the authorities can do more to solve this haze problem, this is getting very annoying.

18 October 2015

Tried Häagen-Dazs for the Second Time in My Life

First time was very long ago, think it was in primary school, my cousin got a Häagen-Dazs ice-cream cake for her birthday, she cut me a huge slice, it was a chocolate ice-cream cake, but doesn't seem to have any cake, it's all chocolate ice-cream. I remember it was very good, probably the best chocolate ice-cream I ever ate, it was very thick, very rich, very tasty, but very hard.

Yesterday after watching some ice-cream videos on YouTube, I decided to buy some Häagen-Dazs to try with wife. Sheng Siong has a long-time promotion going on, 2 pints for $23.85, original price per pint is $14.50, damn expensive. So today I bought 2 pints, one if blueberry cream, the other is chocolate.

We tried the blueberry cream, very good, a lot of blueberries, very rich taste, then we also tried the chocolate flavour, tasted like the chocolate ice-cream cake from my cousin, also very good, very thick.

Next time I want to try the mango flavour, they have so many flavours, but it's kind of pricy.

17 October 2015

Cancelled Starhub Fibre and Cable TV at Parent House

Earlier on I signed up for the $34 per month M1 fibre broadband ($29+$5 for router) for my mom, so yesterday the M1 guy setup the ONT and evening I went over to setup the router, was very easy to setup, just plug into the ONT, power up, connect to the router from my mom's computer, setup the wifi and that's it.

Today I went to Starhub at VivoCity to cancel and return all the stuff, following are the items to return.

For Fibre broadband:

  • Nucleus ONT.
  • ONT power adapter.
  • Fibre cable.
  • LAN cable.
No need to return the Starhub router since it belongs to me, I think it was part of the contract, free router if I remember correctly.

For Starhub cable tv:
  • HD set-top box.
  • Remote control.
  • Smart card (inserted inside the set-top box).
  • Set-top box power adapter.
  • Composite cable (red, white, yellow).
  • Component cable (red, green, blue).
I have everything except the component cable, I thought have to pay penalty or something but the customer service say it's ok, in the end only need to pay a termination charge of $30 or $30+, which will be billed to my current payment setup which is credit card so no need to pay at the shop.

Service was very fast, didn't wait too long, settled everything is less than 15 minutes, this Starhub VivoCity shop looks very nice, must have spent a lot on the renovation.

12 October 2015

Blatant Corruption at Bali Airport


They cut the woman's passport and brought her into a room and asked for money, and she was let go after paying $50, like that also can, what if she refused to pay, will they lock her up indefinitely? Such a lawless country, I will never step foot into that country, I will never spend a single cent on their economy, I have also started to boycott Indonesia products, now this incident strengthened my resolve, nowadays when I buy any products, I will see if it is from Indonesia.

And the haze problem, it took them decades and they still can't solve the problem, more like they don't want to solve the problem, otherwise how to collect corruption money from the plantation owners, this country is hopeless, just let them rot.

Baby Seen Paediatric Cardiologist Today

Today the cardiologist did an echo for her, she found nothing serious, the hole is still there but seems to be a very small one, most important thing is baby is gaining weight well, baby is now 7.5KG, growing real fast, doctor even commented that she is fat but nothing to worry about.

But doctor found some strange heartbeats, also nothing to worry about but she wants to find out more, so she put baby on a 24 hour ECG device which will capture baby's heart data, can only take out tomorrow morning, so today baby cannot shower, but can wipe body. It's just 5 pieces of sticker pasted around her chest area, connected via wires to a device which looks like a pager.

Doctor also commented that probably no need to do heart surgery when she is one year old, maybe much later.

Today's bill quite high, total $244.50, this consists of repeat consultation, echo and the 24 hour ECG monitoring. Without any subsidy the bill is $585.99, government paid $341.49, that's more than 50% subsidy for citizen and I really appreciate it. This reminds me of the echo my wife did when she was holding LTVP, that time I paid $498 cash, damn expensive, but what to do, what needs to be done needs to be done.

11 October 2015

Baby Seems to Prefer Mommy More

Just recently I started to notice that she cries whenever I carry her, no matter what I try to do to pacify her, nothing works, but when I hand her over to mommy, she stops crying. At first I thought I might have hurt her somehow, as you know guys are less delicate creatures, most of the time I have to be very careful because I am afraid that I might cause her pain but I realized that is not the case.

Yesterday was the worst, mommy was busy doing her stuff, baby cried until vomited her milk on my t-shirt and she seemed to be gasping for air, she looked like she was in pain, cramping or something, I think she cried too hard, exerted too much force just to cry out loud, and no matter what I do, I can't stop her from crying, in the end when mommy was free, I handed her over, wow, she stopped crying in a short while, amazing.

So after such a discouraging episode, I quickly went online to do some research, I found that breastfed babies seems to prefer the mother more than anyone else, that makes a lot of sense because the mother is the baby's source of food and naturally the baby's source of comfort, sometimes when mommy leaves the room, baby will also start crying, seems like they have a strong bond, as for me, lol, hopefully she will start to acknowledge my existence, but I think she will la, when she gets older that is.

10 October 2015

Government Credited $600 in Baby's Account

Just noticed that there is extra $600 in baby's CDA account, credited on 16 Sep 2015.

So far we haven't touch her CDA money, I intend to save it for her until her post-secondary education, this is one way we are saving for her education, but who knows later when government opens more options for CDA monies we might start using but for now I don't see a need to touch.

Went to Crystal Jade @ The Clementi Mall Again Lol

The food there is really nice and not very expensive, today me and wife also enjoyed ourselves there.

So today we ordered the crab siew mai, this one damn power, the salted egg bao, chicken feet again for my wife, stir-fried chee cheong fun with dried prawns and roasted duck.

The duck is really nice, it's juicy unlike most you find outside which are dry, this one can fight with my favourite stall at Chinatown but the serving is a bit small, the Chinatown stall half-duck for $17, eat until shiok.

The stir-fried chee cheong fun taste like the stir-fried kway teow at tze char stall, very special, very nice, and big portion.

I wanted to try out all their dishes but we cannot eat finish so have to come back a few more times, I think no need to take picture, so far the food we ate are all nice, come and try is better than see picture ;)

Today final bill is $45.10 after 10% discount for DBS/POSB credit card.

09 October 2015

This Month Utilities Bill only Pay $4.82

The bill a bit siao siao, sometimes $80+, sometimes $90+, this month only $69.82, and this month there is the gst rebate of $65 so end up the final bill is $4.82.

I think only when they come and check then lower, if not they just estimate higher, basically anyhow whack, can eat more cannot eat less kind of estimation, really chee behs, actually I should start to submit the meter readings myself, but too lazy and forgetful to do so, come back from work so tired already just want to relax, weekend also can't be bothered, rather rest lol.

08 October 2015

Indonesia (Finally) Accepted Our Help

They finally accepted our offer after they realized they cannot contain the fire, they also asked Malaysia, Russia and Japan for help, but even if we put out the fires now, it does not solve the problem completely, the real cause of the problem is slash and burn. Indonesia must name out all culprits, especially when they say Singaporean companies are involved, give us the names first, I really want to know which of our companies are responsible and make sure to boycott their products completely, I hope our government will punish them until they bankrupt, also punish their owners, jail them, fine them, bankrupt them, shame them, they must have known but let the burning happen anyway.

So far these 5 Indonesia companies have been identified:

  • PT Rimba Hutani Mas
  • PT Sebangun Bumi Andalas Wood Industries
  • PT Bumi Sriwijaya Sentosa
  • PT Wachyuni Mandira
  • PT Bumi Mekar Hijau
And one more, this one have a company in Singapore:
  • Asia Pulp and Paper Company
NTUC and Sheng Siong have removed all products from Asia Pulp and Paper Company, even if they don't remove I also won't buy.

These companies don't care about environment or people, they only care about making money, really scums of the earth. And I won't just boycott the products from these companies, I will boycott anything Indonesia, took them long enough to start doing something useful, I bet their authorities are not arresting people because they must have taken bribes, how can they take so long and not solve the problem? Corrupted country obviously, they will never improve, bet the haze will come back soon even after we put out the fires for them.

04 October 2015

Great Lunch at Crystal Jade Kitchen @ The Clementi Mall

Today I went to Clementi Mall to sign up M1 fibre broadband for my parents, service at their address but I pay (can pay by credit card monthly), because the Starhub fibre at their house contract ended, now every month charging me $83 including the cable tv, parents never watch the tv so might as well just get a cheap fibre connection. M1 today last day offer for the 200Mbps @ $29 per month, can choose to add $5 per month to get an Asus RT-N56U router, I think quite worth it, the router outside sellling $160+ if I'm not wrong, so I ended up getting that router too. But I think they will come up with new offer, they always have very competitive offers going on.

So before I went to sign up for the fibre plan, we dropped by Crystal Jade for lunch, it was great, very satisfied with the meal, service was prompt, friendly and very professional, makes me feel like a VIP lol. And I'm not really into taking pictures of food but today I felt that I should since their food was great, the servings were larger than we expected so me and wife ate until very full.

First dish was the fried yam puff, if you see the following picture I finished a piece on my plate, comes in 3 pieces, didn't take a picture of it because eat too fast lol. The picture of the chicken was taken after we ate one or two pieces, it was quite a large portion, larger than expected and only $16.80, I think it's a whole chicken because I saw 2 drumsticks. The chicken was very lean, not oily, I think it is kampong chicken, barely any fats so feel very healthy, very worth it.

Steamed Chicken $16.80

This is the Chee Cheong Fun with sweet sauce and sesame sauce, the sesame sauce is very power, it is plain no prawn or what inside but goes very well with the sauce, if put some of their red chilli (free) even better, provided you can eat spicy. You see the picture very small, but it is quite a large serving, me and wife were quite shocked lol, so if you order better don't order too many.

Chee Cheong Fan $4.20

Chicken feet, wife's favourite, she ordered 2 servings and finished all, I didn't eat so I don't know good or not, but since she can finish means should be edible. The serving also looks quite big, looks bigger than those from Yum Cha Chinatown.

Chicken Feet $4.30

These baos have salted egg yolk fillings inside, have to open carefully or the fillings will burst out, lucky I have had some experience when I ate at Yum Cha, so this time I split open from the middle slowly into two pieces, but if compare with Yum Cha's version, I think fillings very similar, can't tell the difference, both are great, as for the skin, I think both are negligible, to be honest I eat this bao purely for the fillings lol.

Liu Sha Bao $4.90

Well, after eating all that, wife say feel like vomit, both of us feel very full but satisfied, and when I went to make payment, got another surprise, final bill was $46.25 after GST and service charge, and I got a 10% discount because I was paying with POSB Everyday Card. This meal very worth it, eat so full and not expensive, will go back again for sure.

And before I end this post, must warn readers of this shop at City Vibe at Clementi, the shop name is Frozen Korea Ice Dessert Cafe, just now me and wife ordered the Elsa Snow Flakes Cookies and Cream, when they market it as snow flakes I thought it was the snow flake dessert like those Taiwanese dessert, but when it came, it was a big bowl of coarse ice with crushed Oreo, topped with one scoup of ice-cream, one piece of Oreo and a big bunch of whipped cream and this didn't come cheap, $10.90, for this kind of price tag I would expect milky snow flakes at least, but it's mostly coarse ice! Might as well eat Ice Kachang, $1.50 can get. Me and wife felt a bit scammed but well, this kind of shop eat once and never go back, now I know why whenever we passed by the shop is always so quiet.

03 October 2015

Polar Puff Curry Puff Number 1 in Singapore?


Actually I read about the news quite a while back and I wanted to write about it but didn't remember to until now. The results were very shocking, polar puff came in at first place while old chang kee at second, wow. I tried polar puff a long time ago and I remember it as ok but number 1? How can it be? Old chang kee is nice, I like their curry puff but number 2 is kind of overstretching.

Personally the best curry puff I ever had in my life was from the hawker centre outside Bedok Camp II i.e. Bedok Food Centre. I knew about this curry puff when my supervisor bought it for our teatime during my time working at the warehouse. It has been a very long time (almost 10 years I guess?) since I have been there so I don't know how much it has changed, but from my memory, there were more than one stall selling curry puff, I found the right stall as I recognized their unique shape, it was definitely handmade as the shape was very ugly, looks deformed, but the skin was thin and very crispy, and the fillings were very flavourful, the overall taste was very local, very authentic, very homey, and it was not expensive, if I remember correctly it was $0.50 per piece. Their sardine puff was also superb, somehow sardine puff is always crispier than curry puff so their sardine puff was incredibly crispy, super power. Oh and it's a Malay stall, I just want to emphasize that Malays make the best curry/sardine puff, no doubt about it, at least for me.

The second best for me was from those unlicensed curry puff seller, I'm sure if you take the MRT you will notice a man or woman with a box containing curry puffs, 3 for $1, those are unlicensed and those people are from Indonesia, there was a documentary about them, the hygiene was terrible, but anyway the one I had was way back, back when I was a teenager, before I served my national service. Nowadays the standard of these unlicensed curry puff seller dropped a lot, long ago their curry puffs were crispy, fragrant, and very flavourful, nowadays they taste bland and not crispy. Long ago also 3 for $1, today also 3 for $1, well at they didn't raise their price lol. Nowadays some curry puff $1.80 per piece, claims to be number one but actually not worth it.

Just last week I tried polar curry puff just for the sake of the number one tag, $1.80 per piece, the fillings are okay, slight taste of coconut milk, but the skin is too thick, would be nice if you eat it with some soya milk but by itself it's just too much to swallow, so much skin so little fillings, can't believe ST voted this as number one, just unbelievable, what were they thinking.

And funny how the top 2 winners are listed companies, funny right?

01 October 2015

Next Transport Minister

Today I read that Mr. Khaw Boon Wan took up the transport minister job, I thought he must be crazy, this must be the worst position ever, mainly due to the several train disruptions we had these recent years, our train simply cannot afford to break down because many people rely on it to get to work, to school, to shopping and whatever.

Personally I haven't been very affected by the disruptions, I think I have been caught in one or two disruption, can't remember exactly, but the last one was at east side, the train stopped due to train fault, so I ended up taking a bus home, was not that bad because I was quite near home already.

Anyway I think Mr. Khaw might have a chance, he seems to have done well on the housing side, housing price seems to have stabilized which is a good thing for buyers but not so good for sellers, but good for young people seeking to own their first home, I think the latter is more important because nowadays most people don't want to settle down if they cannot afford their own place, personally I can understand that, it's just not easy staying with parents, and renting is so expensive and doesn't feel like home.