Medishield Life Starts Tomorrow on 01 Nov 2015

Logitech Mouse Still the Best

Finally Friday

Bought a Bottle of Huiji Waist Tonic

Lower Back Pain Strikes Again

Opened POSB Savings Account for Wife

So Many Beggars and Indirect Beggars

Suddenly a Thick Haze this Evening!

Tried Häagen-Dazs for the Second Time in My Life

Cancelled Starhub Fibre and Cable TV at Parent House

Blatant Corruption at Bali Airport

Baby Seen Paediatric Cardiologist Today

Baby Seems to Prefer Mommy More

Government Credited $600 in Baby's Account

Went to Crystal Jade @ The Clementi Mall Again Lol

This Month Utilities Bill only Pay $4.82

Indonesia (Finally) Accepted Our Help

Great Lunch at Crystal Jade Kitchen @ The Clementi Mall

Polar Puff Curry Puff Number 1 in Singapore?

Next Transport Minister