11 October 2015

Baby Seems to Prefer Mommy More

Just recently I started to notice that she cries whenever I carry her, no matter what I try to do to pacify her, nothing works, but when I hand her over to mommy, she stops crying. At first I thought I might have hurt her somehow, as you know guys are less delicate creatures, most of the time I have to be very careful because I am afraid that I might cause her pain but I realized that is not the case.

Yesterday was the worst, mommy was busy doing her stuff, baby cried until vomited her milk on my t-shirt and she seemed to be gasping for air, she looked like she was in pain, cramping or something, I think she cried too hard, exerted too much force just to cry out loud, and no matter what I do, I can't stop her from crying, in the end when mommy was free, I handed her over, wow, she stopped crying in a short while, amazing.

So after such a discouraging episode, I quickly went online to do some research, I found that breastfed babies seems to prefer the mother more than anyone else, that makes a lot of sense because the mother is the baby's source of food and naturally the baby's source of comfort, sometimes when mommy leaves the room, baby will also start crying, seems like they have a strong bond, as for me, lol, hopefully she will start to acknowledge my existence, but I think she will la, when she gets older that is.

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