12 October 2015

Blatant Corruption at Bali Airport


They cut the woman's passport and brought her into a room and asked for money, and she was let go after paying $50, like that also can, what if she refused to pay, will they lock her up indefinitely? Such a lawless country, I will never step foot into that country, I will never spend a single cent on their economy, I have also started to boycott Indonesia products, now this incident strengthened my resolve, nowadays when I buy any products, I will see if it is from Indonesia.

And the haze problem, it took them decades and they still can't solve the problem, more like they don't want to solve the problem, otherwise how to collect corruption money from the plantation owners, this country is hopeless, just let them rot.


mr lee said...

I read the same article but urge you to take it with salt. The keyword here is "allegedly" I've heard similar stories about thai customs but they are just all stories. Been to thailand and indonesia multiple times with no problems at the customs at all. Sometimes stories like these may be circulated as a means to harm others, Thailand for one after the junta took over has been attracting a lot of negative press, most are exaggerated or blatantly false. But as long as they do not embrace the West's version of democracy, they'll continue to attract such negative media.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

I see, maybe I should be fair enough not to generalize then, but the haze problem still gets on my nerve, how in the world did it take so long for them to still not solve the problem, don't get it. First of all they should start arresting the plantation owners and anyone working in it, bring them in for questioning and find out who are the real bosses behind, if want to kill a snake, we cut its head.