27 October 2015

Bought a Bottle of Huiji Waist Tonic

Today I finally relented and bought a bottle to try, not sure whether it's good for my lower back pain but if I don't try I will never know. One bottle cost $49.70 at Sheng Siong, have 700ml, one dosage is 20ml, drink twice a day, that means can drink for 17.5 days.

I started my first dose today, so I'll see if my lower back gets stronger or not, this back pain has been bugging me since I ORD from national service, perhaps it's due to the heavy manual labour I did during my NS, I was a bridging combat engineer, damn siong job, have to carry a lot of heavy stuff, a lot of my platoon mates also suffer from back pain.

Or maybe it's because of bad posture, back pain is really difficult to deal with and prevent, I just hope it takes longer to happen, eventually it will happen again but just hope not so soon because it's so painful and I cannot work, young still not so bad, if older then I think jia lat.

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