17 October 2015

Cancelled Starhub Fibre and Cable TV at Parent House

Earlier on I signed up for the $34 per month M1 fibre broadband ($29+$5 for router) for my mom, so yesterday the M1 guy setup the ONT and evening I went over to setup the router, was very easy to setup, just plug into the ONT, power up, connect to the router from my mom's computer, setup the wifi and that's it.

Today I went to Starhub at VivoCity to cancel and return all the stuff, following are the items to return.

For Fibre broadband:

  • Nucleus ONT.
  • ONT power adapter.
  • Fibre cable.
  • LAN cable.
No need to return the Starhub router since it belongs to me, I think it was part of the contract, free router if I remember correctly.

For Starhub cable tv:
  • HD set-top box.
  • Remote control.
  • Smart card (inserted inside the set-top box).
  • Set-top box power adapter.
  • Composite cable (red, white, yellow).
  • Component cable (red, green, blue).
I have everything except the component cable, I thought have to pay penalty or something but the customer service say it's ok, in the end only need to pay a termination charge of $30 or $30+, which will be billed to my current payment setup which is credit card so no need to pay at the shop.

Service was very fast, didn't wait too long, settled everything is less than 15 minutes, this Starhub VivoCity shop looks very nice, must have spent a lot on the renovation.

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