31 October 2015

Logitech Mouse Still the Best

Earlier on I bought a $10 mouse at Sheng Siong, some unknown brand from China, damn lousy, cable length so short, never specify cable length, buy home then realize too short cannot use, and the scroll is terrible, now I throw it one side to rot.

After that I bought a $9.90 mouse from Challenger, model is Prolink PMC1002, also damn lousy, the click is so noisy and the scroll became faulty after a few usage, scroll up it will scroll down a bit, scroll down it will scroll up a bit, what the hell.

So today I fed up I go buy another mouse, $11 Logitech model is M100r, this one feels so much better, the clicks not noisy, scroll is very smooth and working as I intended, should have just stick to Logitech all the way so I don't have to waste that $10 and $9.90 on those piece of shit mouse.

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