31 October 2015

Medishield Life Starts Tomorrow on 01 Nov 2015


With this scheme, I no longer have to worry about healthcare costs for my family, my father, mother, wife and daughter all covered, personally I feel that the premiums are acceptable considering the amount of coverage that we get, it's like a big stone off my chest. I don't mind paying the premiums, don't even mind paying for my parents if they have trouble paying, most important thing is they are covered.

Personally I'm covered by NTUC Income, both health and term insurance, I'll probably leave it be, good thing about my private plan is if I'm hospitalized, and if I choose lower wards, I can get cash money daily, or I can choose A class to make my stay more enjoyable. So far I have not claim from my insurance yet, I hope I never have to, my colleagues say if never claim then it's like paying for nothing, well yes they are right, but as a family man, I rather not take this kind of risk, what if something really happen to me and I'm not covered, then how?

Anyway I feel that health insurance is most important, if I die quick, won't be too much burden, what is most fearful is to be half-dead and stuck in hospital, the cost can add up very fast, without a health insurance my family will suffer. Term insurance is more like a bonus, if I die or paralyzed, my family gets a bonus, but I rather be dead than paralyzed, I hate being a burden to people.

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