24 October 2015

Opened POSB Savings Account for Wife

I received the maternity claim from my employer so today I went to POSB with wife to open a savings account, just need her blue ID card and that's it. So I choose a normal ATM card for her, she also received an iBanking account so no need the passbook, can check everything online, so convenient. The ATM card and iBanking account can be used same day, no need to wait. So after opening the account, I taught her to use the ATM card, make sure to take card and then take money, sometimes people can forget to take the money.


Vignesh Kavaserry Rajagopala said...


Am a regular visitor of ur blog. Can you detail in more on how to do the maternity claim from employer? As u said ur wife is not working and how can u claim maternity amount from ur employer? Ur info will be useful.



marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Hi Vicky,

The maternity claim depends on company, just happen that my company have such a claim and husband also can claim, I think it is to be fair to all employees, maybe you can check with your employer to see what kind of maternity benefits they offer.