03 October 2015

Polar Puff Curry Puff Number 1 in Singapore?


Actually I read about the news quite a while back and I wanted to write about it but didn't remember to until now. The results were very shocking, polar puff came in at first place while old chang kee at second, wow. I tried polar puff a long time ago and I remember it as ok but number 1? How can it be? Old chang kee is nice, I like their curry puff but number 2 is kind of overstretching.

Personally the best curry puff I ever had in my life was from the hawker centre outside Bedok Camp II i.e. Bedok Food Centre. I knew about this curry puff when my supervisor bought it for our teatime during my time working at the warehouse. It has been a very long time (almost 10 years I guess?) since I have been there so I don't know how much it has changed, but from my memory, there were more than one stall selling curry puff, I found the right stall as I recognized their unique shape, it was definitely handmade as the shape was very ugly, looks deformed, but the skin was thin and very crispy, and the fillings were very flavourful, the overall taste was very local, very authentic, very homey, and it was not expensive, if I remember correctly it was $0.50 per piece. Their sardine puff was also superb, somehow sardine puff is always crispier than curry puff so their sardine puff was incredibly crispy, super power. Oh and it's a Malay stall, I just want to emphasize that Malays make the best curry/sardine puff, no doubt about it, at least for me.

The second best for me was from those unlicensed curry puff seller, I'm sure if you take the MRT you will notice a man or woman with a box containing curry puffs, 3 for $1, those are unlicensed and those people are from Indonesia, there was a documentary about them, the hygiene was terrible, but anyway the one I had was way back, back when I was a teenager, before I served my national service. Nowadays the standard of these unlicensed curry puff seller dropped a lot, long ago their curry puffs were crispy, fragrant, and very flavourful, nowadays they taste bland and not crispy. Long ago also 3 for $1, today also 3 for $1, well at they didn't raise their price lol. Nowadays some curry puff $1.80 per piece, claims to be number one but actually not worth it.

Just last week I tried polar curry puff just for the sake of the number one tag, $1.80 per piece, the fillings are okay, slight taste of coconut milk, but the skin is too thick, would be nice if you eat it with some soya milk but by itself it's just too much to swallow, so much skin so little fillings, can't believe ST voted this as number one, just unbelievable, what were they thinking.

And funny how the top 2 winners are listed companies, funny right?

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