27 November 2015

Bought Diapers and Wipes at Lazada

Buying at Lazada can get quite addictive lol, today I ordered MamyPoko diapers, these are so-called "from Japan", and also some 99.9% pure water wipes, don't good or not, from Japan shouldn't be too bad I guess.

Good deal?

The items seems quite cheap because of discount, then still can apply a $10 voucher making it even cheaper. But I think the real good thing is I don't have to carry the diapers myself, I hate buying diapers at supermarket, such a big pack so difficult to carry on top of the groceries, with online shopping it really makes life so much easier.

SingPass Requires 2FA in Jul 2016

Just received an email from SingPass, they also told me I am existing OneKey user, this is the second level authentication for the 2FA. I got this from my CDP account, that means I can access both SingPass and CDP using the same token, thank goodness, I already have 4 tokens now, lucky no need to get another one lol.

26 November 2015

Yu Kee Duck Rice Stall at Koufu Tanglin Halt

Today baby went for her 2nd dose of pneumococcal vaccination at Queenstown Polyclinic, after that we walked over to the Koufu at Block 88 Tanglin Halt Road. I noticed a new stall selling braised duck and when I took a closer look, it's Yu Kee Duck Rice, what a pleasant surprise, I was so happy lol, I have not eat their duck rice for a very long time since I moved to my new place, wife also like their duck rice very much, I think their braised duck is one of the best if not the best I have ever eaten.

Too bad this stall don't sell Kway Chap, but never mind, I ordered their duck rice set for 2 for $12, eat until very happy, this stall the yam rice taste a bit special, there's an extra fragrance that I don't recognize, very nice and their duck, needless to say, still taste the best, and the herbal sauce, power as I remember, then eat halfway remember their soup, forgot to ask, they also never give, usually they will give the soup together with the rice. Maybe this Saturday go buy half a duck, can cook some porridge and eat with the duck, must be very shiok.

23 November 2015

Bought a New Power Supply Unit

Finally I got rid of my super old power supply unit, forgot when I bought, must be at least 6 years but it served me well, actually it's still working just that the fan is making loud ticking noise, I tried to fix it but not able to.

So I did some research and tried looking at Lazada and found this Thermaltake Litepower 550W, original price was $89 and now selling at $59, I applied a $10 voucher and it is $49, add another $0.50 for delivery I only pay $49.50, solves my problem without spending too much, damn worth it.

21 November 2015

Received 2nd Baby Bonus Payment

I find that this baby bonus scheme payment is very on time, baby turned 6 months yesterday and today I checked my bank account, the $1500 was credited on 19 Nov, which means they credit 1 day before the child's birthday.

Anyway I immediately transferred to baby's CDA account without thinking too much, this is because people tend to want to splurge when they have cash in their hands, same goes to me as I am only human, but I would rather put the money aside for better use because I know it will help baby a lot as she grows up.

Speaking of baby, she is now starting to eat cereal, Nestle Cerelac Brown Rice flavour, she seems to accept it, and it seems to be good for her as her stools came out to be green, green means very good.

17 November 2015

Baby Walker Arrived

Today baby's walker arrived, got what I saw on Lazada so I am satisfied with it, but assembling was not as easy as I thought it should be, one of the wheels got stuck and I push until my palm hurts, ended using a hammer to knock it in, overall not bad la.

Lucky Baby T-1085D Baby Basic Walker with Stopper


16 November 2015

Facing Death - Cancer Patients in Singapore


This series shows the life of cancer patients in Singapore, feel so depressing after watching it.

But what happen if I have cancer, should I go for chemotherapy or just stay at home and wait for my turn, I think that will depend on how serious the cancer is, if early stage then can consider chemo, if later stage then don't bother, just stay home and die.

Talking about early stage of cancer, currently I don't go for regular health screening so by the time I know I have cancer it might be too late, so I better start looking at some health screening packages lol.

Update: Just found out that my company provides free health screening once a year, I work so many years didn't know until I bother to check today lol, better go screen.

Bought My First Item at Lazada.sg

Baby is going to be 6 months old this coming 20 Nov so I wanted to buy a baby walker for her to learn walking, was looking around and decided to try lazada, their items are not as expensive as I thought, very competitive prices, I ended up ordering this.

The walker itself is $59.90 + $2.50 delivery charge, will be sending on 17 to 19 Nov, but they didn't say what time, weird that they don't have a more specific delivery date and time, so I have to get my wife to standby for 2 days lol, but she's not working so not too bad.

Exercises for Lower Back Pain Relief

Last Saturday my lower back pain came back again when I was bending forward while carrying baby, damn it hurts but this time not as bad as the last one, maybe the Huiji Waist Tonic that I bought is somehow effective but I don't know for sure, this tonic have a really disgusting taste though, have to force myself to drink it.

Anyway I tried some back exercises on YouTube and they seem effective.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9f1Y4OV3QlA - if lower back hurts a lot, just try only the first two exercises, if you feel confident enough, can try the last one which I think is the most effective, the second one is also very effective.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEcVfBRGFxI - can try the first to third, the fourth and fifth really depends on how confident you are, if you are not then just stick to the first 3 which are good enough.

After doing all the exercises in the first video and first to third in the second video, the tension on my lower back seems to have reduced a lot and I feel much better.

11 November 2015

Baby Doing Well!

Today went to follow-up with baby's paediatrician, doctor said baby doing well but need to learn how to flip over and sit unsupported, need to train her to do so twice daily, now baby can sit but need to support her, if she can sit unsupported then also easier for us. And no need to do any more blood tests, jaundice should be gone by now, baby's face and body looks pinkish, sign of good health I guess.

10 November 2015

Zu Chuan Bah Kut Teh (祖传肉骨茶) Change Owner

Today I brought my wife, baby and sister's family to Chinatown Complex to try this Bak Kut Teh, I ordered Bak Kut Teh, Pig's Trotter and Sesame Oil Chicken. Actually yesterday I went to try their pig's trotter, have to "recce" first before I bring family over to avoid disappointment because today public holiday. Damn power, sauce a bit salty for me but the trotter is well cooked, just nice not too mushy and goes very well with rice, my mother cook better because not so salty. Anyway they use like a whole round piece of trotter, very meaty and lots of skin.

But seems like they changed owner, same signboard but the front looks a bit less pictures and stuff, last time a lot of pictures and whatnot and the whole place feels a bit too warm, last time was an old auntie selling and I think her husband or brother cooking, now in their place is a middle-aged man, I think from China, yesterday he had one young pretty looking female assistant, today he had a middle-aged assistant, think both also from China, can tell from their accent. When I saw that I thought I went to the wrong stall, then I looked up to confirm the stall name, same stall name, different owner.

At first I was afraid the standard will drop a lot, then after trying the pig's trotter, I think taste same like before, salty like I remember it lol, means they didn't skimp on the soya sauce, and the trotter is one whole piece.

Then just now tried their bak kut teh, soup also taste same like before, but meat is not same as before, not the dragon bone, but pieces of bones with meat, also not bad la, lots of meat and soup is white pepper base, not bad. Actually last time the auntie sometimes also give random pieces of bone, she don't always give the dragon bone, I think have to order $5 then have, $4 is random bones. Sesame chicken also tasted salty like before, also mean they didn't skimp on soya sauce, the sauce seeped well into the chicken and made the chicken very fragrant, light smell of sesame oil, but my mother version much better.

I think maybe the previous owners sold their recipe, very possible because they looked so old and tired, time to take a break and enjoy life, also make sense if they sell to foreigners, nowadays not many people willing to be hawker, very tough job, I helped out at chicken rice stall when I was 12 so I know, early morning have to prepare, close stall have to wash everything, damn siong.

08 November 2015

Curry Puff Syndicate


These Indonesians have been selling those unhygienic curry puffs illegally at our MRT stations, 3 for $1. The cost price is filthy cheap because they probably use the cheapest lousiest ingredients they can find, probably potatoes that have turned bad but they add a lot of spices to cover the smell. These cheap illegal vendors don't care about our health, you don't know what crap they put inside, never buy from them, also have those otah vendors, also don't buy, these Indonesians come here just want to make money, you die they also won't shed a tear for you. See them report to NEA at 1800-2255 632. And should not jail these people, waste of taxpayer money, just make their embassy send them home and ban them them forever.

KFC Original Chicken + Myojo Shrimp Tanmen

Last Friday was craving for some KFC original recipe chicken so I ordered a 12 pieces, a whipped potato, a coleslaw and some cheese sauce (yeah can buy their sauces online). By the way there is free delivery for POSB everyday card for orders $35 and above.

Me and wife finished everything except one piece of chicken thigh, we put inside the fridge and yesterday wife went out with my sister so I cooked my own dinner. Guy's meal very simple, one packet of Myojo Shrimp Tanmen can settle, the chicken is extra topping, I ripped the meat off the thigh and put inside the soup, I also put in the skin, ended up kind of oily so if you don't like too oily can throw away the skin. The meat is very tasty by itself, together with the shrimp tanmen soup base it is amazing, taste can fight with the ramen I eat at Japanese restaurant.

07 November 2015

This Mercedes Driver Scared Her Car get Wet

Just now me, wife and baby took taxi home, it was raining, when we reached home, there was this Mercedes parking at the drop-off shelter, I thought there was no driver so I asked the taxi uncle to drop us behind the Mercedes, after we got off the car then we realized the driver was inside, it was a young girl, she was talking on the phone and when my wife looked at her, she turned her head away, obviously she saw us, how can she not notice a taxi behind her.

Instead of moving her car out to let our taxi come into the shelter, she just parked there and talked on the phone, like that also can, wife was carrying baby and walking in the rain, I was carrying the pram and a big bag of stuff walking in the rain just because she was afraid her Mercedes would get wet or catch a cold, what a selfish person, but I told myself no need to get angry over this, karma will get her one day.

06 November 2015

Strawberry Yogurt + Strawberry Milk

Just now when I went to open my fridge I found one cup of strawberry yogurt, think it's going to expire and I happen to have some strawberry milk so I mixed them together into a drink and it tastes incredible! The sweet strawberry milk goes very well with the slightly sour yogurt, very refreshing taste.

05 November 2015

Beggars in Singapore

Nowadays begging seems like a very popular profession, people are quickly joining this seemingly lucrative profession, but I doubt it is easy money, most locals are really not as dumb as most people presume, we are also aware that even foreigners come here to beg because they think it is easy money but in reality it's not, I can bet most probably return home not being able to cover their cost to fly and stay here.

I think maybe only the younger population will be easier targets for the beggars as they are fresh in the workforce, some of them probably haven't seen how harsh reality can be, how people can lie or even act just to get some money, or maybe the rare plain kindhearted person who will give, usually people like me won't even give a single cent, not to mention paying for some overpriced tissue, these tissue vendors are just beggars in disguise, why in the world would anyone in their right mind pay $1 for 3 packets of tissue.

Personally I feel that it's not right for a person to beg, no matter how difficult the person's life is, there are many ways to get help in Singapore, one cannot simply say don't know how to get help and go begging, that is not a valid excuse, just think, if the beggar can have the guts or rather be shameless enough to go up to someone and outright ask for money, why can't this beggar ask where to get help instead? Obviously dignity means nothing to these people as long as they can get some money, they are professional beggars that's why. Some absurd ones even say they are ashamed to go to authorities and yet they are not ashamed to beg, what rubbish is that, fact is they are just plain lazy to get a real job to earn their own living.

If you see a beggar, call ComCare at 1800-222-0000.

If you see a tissue vendor, if don't have license or you think the license is fake, report to NEA at 1800-2255 632.

Give them nothing because giving only encourage begging and illegal hawking, this only results in creating more useless people. If you really want to help, the best way to help is to get authorities to help them, we don't pay tax for nothing, much of our government revenue is spent on social systems, let these systems do their work.

03 November 2015

Tissue Auntie Spent Money on Cigarettes

Today while walking towards our lunch venue with my colleagues, I noticed this auntie sitting down at the stairway, she was smoking, it was those packed kind of cigarette, one packet probably cost around $9 to $11 depending on the brand. I recognize her, she always go around our lunch area selling tissue, kind of shocking to know that she spent money on cigarettes instead of spending on something useful, I'm glad I never buy from her, nor did I buy from anyone else, nowadays I don't believe in charity, who knows the person might actually be richer than me.

My impression of people selling tissue is I don't know if they are really poor or just thinking it is easy money but it sure is, 3 packs for $1, some people probably give more than $1, what is $1 to working class, sometimes I see people give $4 or $5 and ask them to keep the change, but ultimately where does the money go to? Only they know.

01 November 2015

Wife Covered Under Medishield Life

I just checked my wife's CPF account and saw that her Medishield plan is now Medishield Life. If you want to check, you can log in to to CPF website using your SingPass, and then go to My Messages, under HEALTHCARE you will see the plan that you are under.

My Wife's CPF Profile

My CPF Profile

Cannot check for baby because she don't have SingPass, have to call CPF but I think she is covered, since birth she is already covered under Medishield, so now should be upgraded to Medishield Life.