05 November 2015

Beggars in Singapore

Nowadays begging seems like a very popular profession, people are quickly joining this seemingly lucrative profession, but I doubt it is easy money, most locals are really not as dumb as most people presume, we are also aware that even foreigners come here to beg because they think it is easy money but in reality it's not, I can bet most probably return home not being able to cover their cost to fly and stay here.

I think maybe only the younger population will be easier targets for the beggars as they are fresh in the workforce, some of them probably haven't seen how harsh reality can be, how people can lie or even act just to get some money, or maybe the rare plain kindhearted person who will give, usually people like me won't even give a single cent, not to mention paying for some overpriced tissue, these tissue vendors are just beggars in disguise, why in the world would anyone in their right mind pay $1 for 3 packets of tissue.

Personally I feel that it's not right for a person to beg, no matter how difficult the person's life is, there are many ways to get help in Singapore, one cannot simply say don't know how to get help and go begging, that is not a valid excuse, just think, if the beggar can have the guts or rather be shameless enough to go up to someone and outright ask for money, why can't this beggar ask where to get help instead? Obviously dignity means nothing to these people as long as they can get some money, they are professional beggars that's why. Some absurd ones even say they are ashamed to go to authorities and yet they are not ashamed to beg, what rubbish is that, fact is they are just plain lazy to get a real job to earn their own living.

If you see a beggar, call ComCare at 1800-222-0000.

If you see a tissue vendor, if don't have license or you think the license is fake, report to NEA at 1800-2255 632.

Give them nothing because giving only encourage begging and illegal hawking, this only results in creating more useless people. If you really want to help, the best way to help is to get authorities to help them, we don't pay tax for nothing, much of our government revenue is spent on social systems, let these systems do their work.

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