08 November 2015

KFC Original Chicken + Myojo Shrimp Tanmen

Last Friday was craving for some KFC original recipe chicken so I ordered a 12 pieces, a whipped potato, a coleslaw and some cheese sauce (yeah can buy their sauces online). By the way there is free delivery for POSB everyday card for orders $35 and above.

Me and wife finished everything except one piece of chicken thigh, we put inside the fridge and yesterday wife went out with my sister so I cooked my own dinner. Guy's meal very simple, one packet of Myojo Shrimp Tanmen can settle, the chicken is extra topping, I ripped the meat off the thigh and put inside the soup, I also put in the skin, ended up kind of oily so if you don't like too oily can throw away the skin. The meat is very tasty by itself, together with the shrimp tanmen soup base it is amazing, taste can fight with the ramen I eat at Japanese restaurant.

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