21 November 2015

Received 2nd Baby Bonus Payment

I find that this baby bonus scheme payment is very on time, baby turned 6 months yesterday and today I checked my bank account, the $1500 was credited on 19 Nov, which means they credit 1 day before the child's birthday.

Anyway I immediately transferred to baby's CDA account without thinking too much, this is because people tend to want to splurge when they have cash in their hands, same goes to me as I am only human, but I would rather put the money aside for better use because I know it will help baby a lot as she grows up.

Speaking of baby, she is now starting to eat cereal, Nestle Cerelac Brown Rice flavour, she seems to accept it, and it seems to be good for her as her stools came out to be green, green means very good.

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