07 November 2015

This Mercedes Driver Scared Her Car get Wet

Just now me, wife and baby took taxi home, it was raining, when we reached home, there was this Mercedes parking at the drop-off shelter, I thought there was no driver so I asked the taxi uncle to drop us behind the Mercedes, after we got off the car then we realized the driver was inside, it was a young girl, she was talking on the phone and when my wife looked at her, she turned her head away, obviously she saw us, how can she not notice a taxi behind her.

Instead of moving her car out to let our taxi come into the shelter, she just parked there and talked on the phone, like that also can, wife was carrying baby and walking in the rain, I was carrying the pram and a big bag of stuff walking in the rain just because she was afraid her Mercedes would get wet or catch a cold, what a selfish person, but I told myself no need to get angry over this, karma will get her one day.


Jordan said...

Why don't you just confront her and ask her to move the car?

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Maybe I should have, now that I think of it still a bit pissed off, but then no point, just let it go, sometimes I feel that I'm too nice.