01 November 2015

Wife Covered Under Medishield Life

I just checked my wife's CPF account and saw that her Medishield plan is now Medishield Life. If you want to check, you can log in to to CPF website using your SingPass, and then go to My Messages, under HEALTHCARE you will see the plan that you are under.

My Wife's CPF Profile

My CPF Profile

Cannot check for baby because she don't have SingPass, have to call CPF but I think she is covered, since birth she is already covered under Medishield, so now should be upgraded to Medishield Life.


ppcxdaii said...

Bro, your wife is a PR? Your wife not working right? You mean you can apply for her behalf?

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Yep, she is PR, but no need to apply, as long as Singaporean or PR all automatically covered, even newborn also covered at birth.

SingViet said...

Hi host, yesterday went to ICA with MIL, good news, she got 89days VISA extention, thks alot for yr advice!! Now about baby CDA, I've juz received the baby CDA ATM card, wanna know more... now the account still $0, whether can i use it for polyclinic charges like seeing doc for jaunice, for BCG vaccinations n etc, as my baby still 14days old!! I heard stories fr frenz, some said its FREE, they pay NOTHING after seeing doc n vaccinations at polyclinic... was it true? Or something to do with baby Medishield? Pls clear my doubts, as i'll be going to polyclinic again this Friday, first two times need to pay cash as i still haven't got the ATM card... thks in advance!!

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Great to hear! ICA also not heartless, I believe as long as sincere request they will try to help.

If $0 I don't think can use, you have to top-up first, it's like a normal bank account with ATM card just that only selected places can use. Not entirely true about what your friend said, if baby see doctor at polyclinic, there will be consultation charge, I kena charged for consultation when baby saw doctor then do vaccination, but not so bad la, consultation for SG baby is $6+ after government subsidy. The jaundice blood test also not free.

The standard vaccinations all free, can refer to baby's health booklet under immunisation schedule at the last few pages, only those optional ones like 6-in-1 and pneumococcal not free.

SingViet said...

Hi host, juz came back from polyclinic for HepB D2 for 1st month. The nurse intro us a 5 in 1 (D1) in 02mths time which is $150 each dose(total 03 doses). Wanna learn fr yr experience, did u gv yr baby that kind of vaccinations throughout, or juz standard vaccination will be good enough for baby? Also when is the best time for infant to travel n take flight, cos very eager to bring my baby boy back to my wife's hometown... thanks alot in advance, wish u n yr family good health.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Hi SingViet,

Hmm, I thought 5-in-1 is free? Only the 6-in-1 need to pay. That's what the nurse at Queenstown Polyclinic told me, or each clinic different? Your baby is Singapore citizen right?

My baby went through all the standard for her age so far, only the pneumococcal is extra, that one is $150 per dose, so far went for 2 doses so paid $300 via my Medisave. I think the pneumococcal is good to have, but I guess many babies grow up healthy even without it, just extra protection.

I think if really want to travel, at least wait till baby is one month old, also enough time for mother to rest. But personally I think 6 months+ better, by then baby easier to care for and doesn't need to feed so often and change diapers also lesser. First 2-3 months better not, baby needs to feed very often and change diapers, quite tough even if stay home, not to mention traveling.