26 November 2015

Yu Kee Duck Rice Stall at Koufu Tanglin Halt

Today baby went for her 2nd dose of pneumococcal vaccination at Queenstown Polyclinic, after that we walked over to the Koufu at Block 88 Tanglin Halt Road. I noticed a new stall selling braised duck and when I took a closer look, it's Yu Kee Duck Rice, what a pleasant surprise, I was so happy lol, I have not eat their duck rice for a very long time since I moved to my new place, wife also like their duck rice very much, I think their braised duck is one of the best if not the best I have ever eaten.

Too bad this stall don't sell Kway Chap, but never mind, I ordered their duck rice set for 2 for $12, eat until very happy, this stall the yam rice taste a bit special, there's an extra fragrance that I don't recognize, very nice and their duck, needless to say, still taste the best, and the herbal sauce, power as I remember, then eat halfway remember their soup, forgot to ask, they also never give, usually they will give the soup together with the rice. Maybe this Saturday go buy half a duck, can cook some porridge and eat with the duck, must be very shiok.


Anonymous said...

As far as I know, the MOH website says the vaccination ONLY can be done in specific polyclinics, Queenstown is NOT one of those polyclinics.


(Scroll down to the bottom of the webpage)

Maybe they should update their website?

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Not sure what service they are referring to when they put it like that, but confirm Queenstown polyclinic can give pneumococcal, my daughter received both doses there.