10 November 2015

Zu Chuan Bah Kut Teh (祖传肉骨茶) Change Owner

Today I brought my wife, baby and sister's family to Chinatown Complex to try this Bak Kut Teh, I ordered Bak Kut Teh, Pig's Trotter and Sesame Oil Chicken. Actually yesterday I went to try their pig's trotter, have to "recce" first before I bring family over to avoid disappointment because today public holiday. Damn power, sauce a bit salty for me but the trotter is well cooked, just nice not too mushy and goes very well with rice, my mother cook better because not so salty. Anyway they use like a whole round piece of trotter, very meaty and lots of skin.

But seems like they changed owner, same signboard but the front looks a bit less pictures and stuff, last time a lot of pictures and whatnot and the whole place feels a bit too warm, last time was an old auntie selling and I think her husband or brother cooking, now in their place is a middle-aged man, I think from China, yesterday he had one young pretty looking female assistant, today he had a middle-aged assistant, think both also from China, can tell from their accent. When I saw that I thought I went to the wrong stall, then I looked up to confirm the stall name, same stall name, different owner.

At first I was afraid the standard will drop a lot, then after trying the pig's trotter, I think taste same like before, salty like I remember it lol, means they didn't skimp on the soya sauce, and the trotter is one whole piece.

Then just now tried their bak kut teh, soup also taste same like before, but meat is not same as before, not the dragon bone, but pieces of bones with meat, also not bad la, lots of meat and soup is white pepper base, not bad. Actually last time the auntie sometimes also give random pieces of bone, she don't always give the dragon bone, I think have to order $5 then have, $4 is random bones. Sesame chicken also tasted salty like before, also mean they didn't skimp on soya sauce, the sauce seeped well into the chicken and made the chicken very fragrant, light smell of sesame oil, but my mother version much better.

I think maybe the previous owners sold their recipe, very possible because they looked so old and tired, time to take a break and enjoy life, also make sense if they sell to foreigners, nowadays not many people willing to be hawker, very tough job, I helped out at chicken rice stall when I was 12 so I know, early morning have to prepare, close stall have to wash everything, damn siong.

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