31 December 2015

Another Year Ending Soon

Looking back at the start of this year, that time my wife was a few months pregnant and baby's due date was 15 Jun 2015, ended up deliver on 20 May and thankfully baby is healthy except for her small hole in heart which is nothing serious.

So what major things happened this year for me, arrival of baby of course, also got a promotion with good increment and bonus, other than that nothing much, haha my life is so boring.

I hope next year also can get a good increment and bonus, and hope wife and baby's health insurance will go through, even if don't go through at least still have Medishield Life which is still great just that there are some limitations, and it doesn't cover overseas hospitalization. Also hope that baby's hole in heart will close by itself so no need any surgery, but I think wife might need to go for operation to change her heart valve, doctor say there is improvement from her earlier echo scan but he still recommend changing it.

Anyway I hope 2015 has been great to everyone and 2016 will be even better!

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