13 December 2015

Booked Hotel and Bought New Luggage Bags

For this coming trip, we will be visiting wife's hometown and will eventually be staying in Bangkok for the last 2 nights, so I thought we might as well book a hotel near MBK and then we can go shopping without having to take any transportation. I ended up booking Mercure Bangkok Siam, it is very near to MBK and also very near to Siam Paragon.

400 Meters to MBK

600-700 Meters to Siam Paragon

I happened to book it at an advertised low price of $85 per night, and when I thought I was going to pay 2 x $85 which is $170, the final amount came with an extra $29 for "Taxes and fees", so total became $199, ok fine, seems like a very decent hotel and the location is superb so I don't really mind.

And today when I checked my credit card statement, they charged me $200.99 instead of $199, what the hell, an extra $1.99, not that I really care about this $1.99 it's just that I don't know what it is for so it is unacceptable if I'm going to pay for nothing.

So I emailed their customer service at around 12 PM to enquire and wow they replied real fast, they asked for my card statement, I sent it to them in PDF which included my credit card number, but it got bounced back saying their system cannot receive email containing card number, seems like they have a technology to detect card number in the attachment and to block it, really smart system, so I re-sent in JPEG format without my card number and after a while, they replied saying that they have initiated a refund of $1.99 and will take up to 15 business days to process. What really impressed me was that the issue was settled in less than 2 hours, this is what I call excellent customer service, 5/5. Will definitely book from hotels.com again. I also find that their search system is much easier to use compared to other hotel booking sites.

Initially wanted to book Pathumwan Princess Hotel which is right beside MBK, seems to be very popular with Singaporeans but the reviews put me off and also it does not have free WIFI, for a $120+ night stay they actually don't have free WIFI, that's just ridiculous.

And I was looking around for luggage bag, checked out Lazada but their selection is very limited, then I checked out Qoo10, as usual the site gave me a headache, so cluttered, finally I decided to check out Zalora, to my surprise they have a good selection of luggage bags, ended up buying two of the same type and size but different colour.

35cm x 55cm x 25cm

35cm x 55cm x 25cm

Both for $119, free delivery, good deal right, seems like this Kamiliant brand is a new series from the famous Samsonite, and for that kind of price, even if not durable also never mind, broken just throw.


Anonymous said...


In order to save money, next time you should book with Airbnb. You can get to stay in Condos or apts at a much cheaper price from as low as S$20 per night. Some times, the rental flats are within walking distance of MRTs. You can go to the biggest shopping centre in Bangna where all their locals visit. Free transport at Udomsok MRT station.

Have a great holiday anyway.


marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Oh yeah, didn't think of it, thanks for sharing it!