07 December 2015

Confirmed Trip to Thailand

Previously planning to go this month but in the end decided to cancel because next month going for reservist so I don't want to take long leaves in successive months. So this time I bought tickets for me, wife and baby to go in Mar next year, during the school holidays, parents cannot go because busy.

I bought tickets to and from Bangkok for Singapore Airlines only $633 because now got promotion, I never take SQ before so good chance for me to try, always wanted to experience for myself why our airline is one of the best in the world.

Then for Udon Thani we try the Thai Airways, in Baht total is 6375, about $248, if book Nok Air more than 7000 Baht because of the extra baggage selection, funny Thai Airways end up cheaper lol. When I was in army we flew Thai Airways to Kanchanaburi camp for training, I remember the plane quite small, but that was 12 years ago, now they should have upgraded to bigger planes.

And good thing about flying full-fledged airlines is the fare price includes baggage allowance (30 KG for both Singapore Airlines and Thai Airways), food and bassinet. The bassinet is going to be really useful because baby can rest inside so no need for mommy to carry for the entire flight. If take budget airline then no such luxury, unless book extra seat.

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