14 December 2015

Green Luggage Bag Arrived

Yesterday I bought two luggage bags from Zalora and the green one arrived first, the blue one they still preparing, don't know when they are going to send. It turn out to be very small, I thought it is the medium size type but actually it is the type that can easily fit into the cabin compartment, but never mind, lucky I bought two, anyway I also wanted to buy the smaller ones, can use even if not traveling overseas.

So next time if you see size (in cm) 50+ means it is the small one, can fit into cabin compartment, 60+ is like a medium, probably have to check-in, 70+ is the really big one, confirm must check-in. I think it is good to get at least one of the small ones, plus a one medium, those big ones I think kind of pointless, why the hell would anyone want to bring so much stuff, traveling is supposed to be relaxing, don't see any joy in carrying huge luggage around, but when I travel I do see people carrying those massive luggage, phew, wonder what they put inside.

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