05 December 2015

ICA eAppointment System Hang LOL

Two days ago I applied passport for daughter, today I checked my email and noticed that it was approved, I thought wah so fast, damn efficient can collect next week, and so need to book appointment to collect, so I happily go to their appointment system, enter daughter's NRIC and a File Reference No, this is actually the Application Reference No when I applied the passport, starts with P/2015XXXXXXXXXSIP, and I got an error message "Please check that you have entered the correct NRIC No. and File Ref No.", what the hell!

What the hell!

Then I called ICA, the lady told me because today is Saturday so maybe the system hang because too many people using, wah piang, like that also can. But then I noticed that the website have a scheduled maintenance tomorrow, so I guess they are probably doing something, maybe I try again on Monday.

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