29 December 2015

Selling House before MOP

I still have 3 years and 5 months before my 2-room flat reach the MOP, anyway yesterday I checked with HDB whether they have any scheme for me to sell my flat early, at valuation or slightly below also ok, they say have to submit appeal to higher level but they don't think it is possible since my reason is not that strong.

My reason given to them is now that I have a baby daughter, I would like to upgrade so as to let her have her own room, I also think reason not that strong but no harm asking. The officer also advised me to take the Top-Up Grant of $15,000, I say don't want la, later have to pay $15,000 for resale levy.

So no choice just wait for MOP lor, but that time when I bought my 2-room I also never expected to have baby because wife have heart condition, but who knows our miracle baby was born, all the doctors we seen before would advise us to terminate the pregnancy, only this NUH cardio willing to see through the pregnancy with my wife on Warfarin, so I am very thankful to him.

I think when baby gets older maybe I will sleep in the living room, as she gets older I don't think it is appropriate for me to sleep with her.

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