25 January 2016

Booked IPPT at Safra Jurong

Since I am excused from push-up thought might as well try the Safra IPPT, friend say run treadmill in air-con room, very relaxed. I just need 39 points to pass, hope this time don't tear any other muscle lol.

Now my arm bruised again, actually the bruising have mostly retreated but last weekend while carrying stuff into the back of taxi, the boot cannot close so I tried to elbow with my right arm, ended up hurting again, always forget not to use right arm, and I found that my left arm is very weak, too used to right arm already.


Anonymous said...

Hi mtgs, my wife is currently on ltvp 1 yr... This is her first ltvp. How long more then do u advise to apply for PR?

marrythaigirlsingapore said...


I would apply now, even if reject you can reuse the documents, just try your luck, don't wait!

Anonymous said...

I see, OK! Will try, however I saw that need educational certs of both parties, my wife only studied till high school and she does not have her cert with her now. Is it absolutely needed to have her educational cert? Or will mine alone do?

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

One of my visitor wife also high school, he also never submit in the end also get LTVP. I think not much difference for PR, if they ask then just say lost cannot find, think they don't really bother since they mostly assessing you.