12 January 2016

Checked My NS Booklet

Found that I have completed 11 ORNS cycles, if include this one should be 12, however out of this 12 I only have 6 high-keys and 4 low-keys, there is a 1 day low-key but I don't think it even matter since low-keys are pretty much useless. the crux here is I am short of 1 high-key to MR.

I also noticed that I have a 6 day ICT, this is a low-key and basically I went back for nothing because it doesn't even help to bring me one step closer to MR. I also have a whole bunch of 0.5 day and 1 day call-up, why don't they just merge it and look at the overall figure instead, and I'm not alone, so many have served 12 or even 13 years or more but they still haven't MR because they didn't clock enough high-key, imagine the shock and disappointment these people get when they realize that it's not yet over.

Some worse still, they get call back for two ICT in one work year, but only one is counted, what the freaking hell right, consider myself very lucky that I never kena this kind of bullshit, but this is pure punishment in the name of serving the country.

MINDEF should really do something about this, at least remove the stupid high-key requirement, once complete 10 years then MR so we can really get back to our life, I'm sure they know we have job, family, need to do human things right.

But seriously I really think they should cut it down to 5 years, what's the point of going back for 10 years doing the same shit over and over again? I bet it is also a big financial burden, MINDEF have to pay us our civilian pay and it's not cheap, not to mention the meals, bunks, cleaning etc, all those cost money, taxpayers' money.

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