14 January 2016

Excuse Status Updated in NS Portal

Tuesday I took my IPPT and tore my muscle, then I reported sick on Wednesday and got 84 days excuse upper limbs and push-up, today I checked the status is inside NS Portal, yesterday check don't have, so it means they take at least one day to update. So confirm I exempted from push-ups so only need to clear sit-up and 2.4.


Anonymous said...


Just to check with you what is the recommended time to renew LTVP?

For example, my wife's LTVP expires July 2016, when should I start applying for renewal?

What I am worried is, if I renewed too early e.g. Feb 2016, the LTVP expiry will be issued based on the date of renewal, Feb 2017, which is not good as that means it will expire earlier than normal.

Thanks for your help!

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Hi Douglas,

Usually I would renew about 2 months before as it takes up to 6 weeks to approve. So maybe late May would be good for you.