12 January 2016

Tore Muscle at IPPT Push-up WTF

Today I woke damn early at 5AM with great hope of passing the IPPT with incentive since it is now so easy, $200 reward money, but I tore my bicep at the push-up, wtf man, what are the chances of tearing bicep muscle while doing push-ups lol.

Muscle Tear at Bicep Area

Just now there was no bruising but after I got home, it started bruising with greenish and a red patch, seems like it's a patch of blood, something burst open inside.

I was doing my push-ups as usual, at the 10th rep, I heard a crackling sound, the guy who assisted me thought I dislocated my elbow lol, he was so shocked hahaha, I was very shocked too, do push-up also can tear muscle. I did warm-up, don't know how come still can get injured, sigh, now have to go book outside.

Then actually still got chance to pass, but my 2.4 KM cannot make it, sigh... damn sad day. Also this ICT so many of my platoon mates MR, next ICT I think only left a few cats wandering around haha.

And today taxi fare is $10.60 go, $10 come home, still way below my budget of $50 a day because share with friends.

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