22 January 2016

Wife Enhanced Income Shield Rejected

Earlier on I applied NTUC Income Shield both wife and baby, recently received a letter saying wife's application was rejected, was kind of expecting it but never mind, at least she is still covered under Medishield Life, still way better than the old Medishield.

Now waiting for baby's application, hopefully can go through.


ppcxdaii said...

Bro, your wife is PR is it?
For my wife, she is still under LTP, I wonder what kind of insurance is available for her, in case she got pregnant during LTP. PR application is still pending.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Yeah now she is holding PR.

For pregnancy insurance you can check out AXA but heard it is quite expensive.

Those NTUC or Prudential shields don't cover pregnancy claims, only certain situation then can, have to read the details.

I think your PR should be successful, best of luck!

Anonymous said...

Dear marrythaigirlsingapore,
Are you aware that Medishield Life only covers 10% of your medical/hospitalisation cost. For eg. if your hospital bill comes to S$20,000. The first excess of S$3000 (or whatever amount depending upon your type of insurance) will be borne by you (if you are not covered by rider) and the next 10% of the S$20,000 (previously known as co-payment) will be borne by Medishield Life. After that S$3000 + S$2000, the balance will be payable by you (in some cases deducted from your medisave or part in cash and part in medisave). Money in Medisave is also your money... It is not govt's money.

In the event your wife gets hospitalised and the bill is S$20,000, you will have to pay 90% of the S$20,000. Only 10% of S$20,000 is covered by Medishield Life.

Correct me if I am wrong?

marrythaigirlsingapore said...


I think you are mistaken, you can check out this link at page 20 for an SPR staying in B2 ward example: https://www.cpf.gov.sg/Assets/members/Documents/EnglishInformationBookletfortheNewlyInsured.pdf

So for a bill of $21,340, this SPR patient ended up paying $12,174.61 (54%) with medisave and/or cash while MediShield Life pays $10,515.39 (46%). As you can see it's way more than 10% ;)

It's not the best, I think those private insurers are the best but unfortunately chances of them accepting her is very low.

Anonymous said...


From the website you posted, it appears Medishield Life is paying a large portion of the bill.

My own experience is Medishield Life just paid 10% of my total bill of S$21,000+ recently and the rest was paid by my Insurance. 10% is similar to what I read on this website link

marrythaigirlsingapore said...


Actually if you have private health insurance, MediShield Life is part of it, I'm not sure what insurance you have but I guess you didn't end up paying the rest of the 90% right.