29 February 2016

Back Pain Again!

Wah piang today my back suddenly hurts again, I was sitting down and somebody came to talk to me so I turned around and after that my lower back started to act up again, sigh, but good thing is it doesn't feel like the full power type of back pain where I will have difficulty changing from sitting to standing position, this time maybe 30-40% damage.

After that while smoking I talked to this uncle, I told him I kena lower back pain and he said he also kena many times, he said last time he liked to drink soda and nowadays he stopped drinking, he also said posture is very important. I never heard that soda can cause back pain so it's something new for me, I am an avid soda fan, coke, pepsi, mountain dew, especially love a&w.

So after reaching home, I quickly google about soda and back pain, there seems to be some relation but most of the info that I got sounds ridiculous, anyway the best thing to do is to try and stop drinking soda and see how it goes, but I think the key thing is the sugar, try to cut down on sugar at the same time.

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