08 February 2016

CNY 2016 Day 1

Yesterday had our reunion dinner at parents house, and today visited them to give them red packets, gave them $200 each, gave my niece and nephew $20 each, think that's it, never see anyone else so no need to give more, only see my neighbour but too bad he don't have children, instead he gave my daughter, niece and nephew, but his wife is pregnant now so next year I can give back.

I find this ang pao thing kind of pointless, you give and take back, might as well don't give, like that easier, everyone no stress.

Anyway CNY getting more and more boring, today go eat, then go temple, then go home, nothing much, not like when we were little kids everyone will gather at my grandmom's house, after she pass away everyone just stopped gathering, just like in army you see the singhs at one corner, the bengs one corner, the geeks one corner, the outcasts one corner lol.

Now I actually look forward to going back to work, CNY too boring.

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