23 February 2016

Seen Sports Medicine Specialist at NUH Today

I tore my muscle earlier on and today I finally get to see the specialist, he did some physical examinations and found nothing wrong and I told him everything is fine only when I do push-up then pain, so he held both my arms and asked me to push outwards then he noticed a dent on my right chest, he did some further testing on that area and thinks could be muscle tear, but he thinks it is partial tear and since overall my arm movements seems ok so he don't think it is very serious. I hope no need for surgery.

After that he sent me for x-ray, it doesn't tell much, in the end he ordered an MRI and to review after that. He also gave me a letter to give to my unit MO, he said will excuse me from push-ups permanently, wonder if I still need to take IPPT or just excuse push-ups, hope can excuse the IPPT since no money to take. Have booked appointment to see my unit MO.

Oh and bill is $60 since I have referral letter from SAF, this includes the x-ray.

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