19 March 2016

Arrived Home this Morning

Finally back home after an 8 days trip to Thailand, phew, feels great to be back in my home country, I think no matter where I go, Singapore still feels the best for me, it's clean and safe and children here have a better chance for a better future compared to those in Thailand, especially rural areas.

My wife has a cousin, this year 16, he doesn't go to school much and most of the time his mother made him look after the pigs, I asked my wife why not go work in 7/11 or bank as security guard also not bad, but she says he doesn't have the education and he is not that bright, he looks a bit slow but for me I think that is just appearance, when I was 12 I also look gong gong, everyone say I was very blur like sotong, then 13 I started working and everything changed, moral of the story is one must try to venture out, cannot just listen to mother and stay home and look after the pigs.

Then my wife's brother 30+, I think same age or 1 year older than me, he is working in the farm, have an ancient looking motorbike without front lights, no house, that's it, and he have 2 children, everyday he just do enough to get by, everyday he just drink alcohol when he can, when I go there I will buy lots of alcohol and he will clear it all. I think he should move out of his farm, actually last time he worked in BKK, somehow ended up back in farm. I think farm life is ok for people who are middle-aged and older, young people should venture out, but then that's just the mindset of people in rural areas, live everyday one at a time, do enough to get by, there is no such thing as 5 year plan, 10 year plan.

And even if one is living in the magnificent BKK, it doesn't guarantee a better life, yeah maybe and probably and if you are lucky, better than farm life but problem is salary in BKK is very deflated, a security guard probably earns around 10,000 to 15,000 Baht, that day I checked out a web developer job in BKK, 16,000 to 35,000 Baht depending on experience, because that day when I was in farm I had nothing to do so I surfed the net to check out all these stuff, then I was thinking if I go work in BKK doing the same thing that I do in SG, maximum they can pay me is probably 45,000 to 50,000 and it's considered a very good salary for them, but in SG I am getting around 3 times that amount, so working in BKK is definitely out of the picture for me, just imagine I work in SG for 10 years is comparable to working in BKK for 30 years!

But then like I said, farm life is ok for older people so maybe in future I can retire there, but when I am still young and able I want to make as much money as possible to secure a good retirement.

Oh by the way I bought 2 bottles of Bacardi and 6 bottles of Hoegaarden using me and wife's passport, I like this Bacardi, goes extremely well with sweet drinks.

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