21 March 2016

Baby One Year Old Soon

Baby will be one year old this coming May, my father and said my mother wish to celebrate by inviting our relatives, I immediately said no, I think my mother wants to collect ang pao, I think this ang pao culture is super lame and stupid, if my mother collect ang pao on baby's behalf it will mean we owe all those who gave ang pao, next time have to give back, this is utterly stupid, so I told my father if they want to invite can, I will pay all expenses, those who come don't give any ang pao, but best is just celebrate within our family, no need to invite anyone else.

My thinking is that if I can afford to invite and give people a treat, I will, if I cannot afford, don't invite, it's that simple, no need to invite and then expect to get back from ang pao. Lucky I now have my own house, no need to be at anyone's mercy, if I don't want nobody can force me hahaha.

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