26 March 2016

iPhone SE Very Tempting

The phone came out this week with the 16GB version selling at S$658 and the 64GB at S$828. This phone is basically 6S with some negligible difference built as iPhone 5 size and casing. The 16GB price is around 2/3 of the 6S, makes me want to buy on impulse at apple store. I wasn't that much into iPhone until my last holiday where it impressed me even more, I know apple products are very high quality and user friendly but I agree even more after playing with it for extended periods of time.

The iOS is no doubt the best mobile OS, I played with Android and Windows and I don't like either, Windows is just plain garbage, as for Android there is no consistency, everybody just wants to make their own version, the Xiaomi version is good that's why their phone is so popular, Samsung is garbage, see it's like consumer is at the mercy of the mobile phone maker, sometimes you get it good, sometimes you get it shitty, there is no such nonsense with iOS because there is only one iOS regardless of which mobile device you use, I like consistency.

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