02 March 2016

Might Have Found Cause of Back Pain

I think it's my spring mattress, I remember long ago I slept on the cheap kind of "ti lam", as far as I can remember, I never had any such serious back pain or any back pain at all. After that my mom bought me a spring mattress then I started to have this extreme lower back pain.

Then after moving into my own house, I also bought a spring mattress and the back pain keeps coming back every few months. Starting is good, but after a while I think the problem is the spring mattress will start to sink more and more due to usage, especially at the lower back area.

So just now I tried sleeping on a "ti lam", I can immediately feel the floor supporting my lower back, starting quite painful but after I relaxed (with help of painkillers and muscle relaxant) and took a nap, I woke up feeling much better, my lower back wasn't that painful anymore.

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