19 March 2016

Regarding Lek Lai

First time hear of this thing, my wife's grandmother just gave her this black object that looks like a black stone, more like charcoal, according to my wife, if the wearer chants something the wearer will become invisible lol wtf.

Lek Lai in Gold Frame with Gold Necklace

So my wife happily went to a gold shop at MBK and framed the thing in gold, the frame cost 4000 Baht, then she hook it up with her gold necklace, I think the necklace cost 20,000 Baht, now I wonder how much this stone cost, one can only hope that the stone cost more than the gold otherwise what's the point of putting it in gold frame and gold necklace.

I did some research online and found nothing that I can believe, seems like there is no scientific study done on this object, what I can find online is nothing but magical nonsense, saying it is indestructible as in even bullets cannot damage it, there's even a place in Kanchanaburi where people can insert one small pieces of this thing into their arm thereby giving them protection.

Online also say this object is more of a metal than stone as it is magnetic but I have yet to try this. And the more I read online, the more magical nonsense I find, if you ask me I still think it is some sort of black stone that isn't worth anything.

If you find YouTube, even worse, some people do magical stunts with it like burning their hand with fire and acid, since it is so powerful, I would to see them do bigger stunts, maybe if they can survive setting their whole body on fire or kena shot by M16 and still survive then I might believe, or best, jump down from 20 storey and survive!

And if you are interested, you can even buy on ebay lol, one piece for 20+ USD, but it looks different from this one, but one thing is for sure, the gold is worth more than the stone, definitely.

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