17 March 2016

Retarded People EVERYWHERE

By the way today is my second last day in BKK, just now me, Wife and baby returned from shopping, took lift back to hotel room, there were two mandarin speaking girls waiting when the lift reached our level, they just stood there blocking the path out, I was pushing the pram and they don't bother to give way and just squeezed into the lift, really retarded people, don't know why these people always behave like that, just come down from mountain or what.

But then selfish retarded people are everywhere, the most obnoxious are still people in SG, don't know where these bad behaviours came from.

Nehs also another retarded group as in those from I. That day when we flew from SG to BKK, was at duty-free shop buying smoke and spirit, there was this neh, he walked to one corner after me, as I was moving away to check out another spot, I heard a loud fart behind, I looked at that neh and he just act blur like they always do, really chee birds, shameless mother flacker. I think farting openly is part of their culture otherwise how to explain why they can do this without feeling embarrassed.


SK said...

ahaha.. Chill bro.. Enjoy your holiday.

Anonymous said...

I understand how u feel... But sometimes I try not to get too upset over ppl not giving way to parents with small child & pram e.g. rushing into lift without giving way to pram or using the larger fare gates at mrt which is for ppl with bulky items/prams. I only realised the selfishness of people after I had my kid and had to experience first hand the way ppl do not give way to u. I'm pretty sure I was guilty of it in the past. It's just a different perspective of ppl that once they have their own kids they will understand that feeling.