05 March 2016

Sleeping on Floor with Ti Lam

Since my last back pain, I have been sleeping on the floor with a cheap foam mattress, it is very thin so my back can fully rest on the floor, I can feel my lower back coming into contact with the floor, now still painful but after my back get used to it, it's actually very comfortable.

The floor seems to be setting my back into place, my back feels more straightened now but it's a bit painful, it's as if I am not used to my back being straight, I think prior to this I was slouching too much, now that the floor is straightening my back, I need some time to get used to the new posture.

I hope sleeping on the floor solves my lower back problem once and for all, now that I think of it, when I was a kid I was sleeping on a wooden bed, also foam mattress, I never had lower back pain, it all started after my mom got me a spring mattress.


Unknown said...

My floor is make of wood, I have been sleeping on wooden floor, at time if it rain, I got a mat. Sleeping on mattress is bad for back. I have sleep in this manner for the past 50 yrs, I am 60 this year, My back is as straight as any young man.LOL

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

So I am right, it's my mattress fault, my in-laws also sleep on floor and never hear them complaining of back pain, must be the mattress!