04 April 2016

Bought iPad Mini 4 @ $548 for Baby

Just now went to Challenger and bought a gold iPad Mini 4 16GB for $548. The salesman said if I sign up for membership I only need to pay $30 more to get 2 freebies worth $68, sounds like a good deal so I signed up.

The freebies are screen protector ($29) and casing ($39) for iPad Mini 4. I put on the screen protector myself, damn so delicate have to be very careful, took more than 30 mins to put on lol. After that found that the casing have one long horizontal scratch, don't know I scratch it or it was already there but never mind since the purpose of the casing is to protect the iPad, and since it is for baby I guess eventually will have lots of scratches so I tell myself don't bother la.

And apple products always so easy to setup and use, no sweat at all, iOS really the best.

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