16 April 2016

Finally Upgraded to Smartphone (iPhone 6S)

Been using classic phone since 2010, about 6 years now, prior to that I was using Samsung Omnia II, it's a Windows phone, after that I sold it because I still like classic phone, simple, light, easy to use and cheap to replace. Nowadays smartphone seems like a norm, people even stare into their smartphone on the dinner table, while walking and whatnot, kind of odd to be without one, even ah pek and ah ma also using smartphone lol, but seriously it's very useful when I am outside, I can surf net and check stuff, no need to be in front of my desk all the time.

Today I went ahead to buy a smartphone, just to get it out of my head, why think so much right, I bought myself an iPhone 6S 16GB Gold, very nice, bought it for $761 at Starhub, signed for their 4G 3 plan (comes with 3GB data), one month $42.90. Actually for my plan can get it at $561, but I re-contract early so they charged me $200 more, still ok, I checked out apple store it was selling at $1048, $287 difference, so even with the $200 charge it's still way better than buying at apple store and then go upgrade my sim.

For the same plan, the iPhone SE can get at $199 (for me is $399, have to add $200 charge), but SE is too small, my finger so fat very difficult to press, for female should be fine since they have slimmer fingers. I also considered 6S Plus but it's too big la, so 6S is just nice for me, not too big, not too small.


ppcxdaii said...

Welcome to the smartphone family, you will not put down your phone so easily now, trust me, haha!

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Haha, hope I don't get too carried away!