10 April 2016

Replaced My Bathroom Basin Tap

These few weeks I noticed that the tap was dripping, not a lot to make any difference to my utility bill but it is very annoying. So today I went and bought a $30 tap and tried replacing by myself.

I had only a big spanner and I thought it was sufficient but ended up that the angle was very awkward and I can't get in to loosen the tap, so I went and google and found that there is a tool call Basin Wrench, one piece only $7, went back to the same shop to buy.

So with the new tool, it was so much easier to loosen the tap, the tool can be used to loosen the hose and the other side can be used to loosen the tap, very useful 2-in-1 tool.

The shop which sold me the tap offered to replace for me but I declined, I guess it's not going to be cheap, after trying it out myself it's actually very easy to do, just need the right tool and all can be done in less than 15 minutes.

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Mr.Arivali said...

hi i saw your blog about you fixing your sink and im having the same situation. May i know where u bought the Basin Wrench, one piece only $7?

u can contact me at vivekrunning@gmail.com

thank you