17 April 2016

Tried KFC Parmesan Chicken

I ordered the 12 piece (2 parmesan, 2 hot and crispy and 8 original), a medium coleslaw and whipped potato, all for $40.90. I paid with my POSB Everyday card and got a 6 piece chicken nuggets free. You must be thinking how come 2 person order so much lol, if cannot finish tomorrow can eat la, just put in microwave 2 minutes settle.


The parmesan chicken is so-so, the breading is super thick, even thicker than the hot and crispy, strong cheese taste but too thick la. It comes with small tubs of truffle-flavoured cheese sauce, taste very weird. The hot and crispy chicken not bad, I think popeyes better, but the original chicken still the best.

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