10 April 2016

Tried Popeyes Chicken

I ordered from foodpanda, delivery charge was $5, delivered earlier than expected and food was still hot.

I think compared to KFC this one is more crispy, have a corn flavour, quite nice, and it is very juicy, KFC is more dry but KFC have more flavour because of their special spices. Note that I am comparing to KFC crispy version, the original version is still the most power but overall KFC is more oily. I think both are nice but wife don't like thick breading, me neither so I guess KFC original chicken is still the best.

Popeyes mashed potatoes and coleslaw are very special, the coleslaw have a very nice fragrant, think it is some sort of herb smell, and the potato have a special gravy, also very nice. Personally I still like KFC coleslaw, but mashed potatoes I like Popeyes more.

Their biscuits also not bad, I think it would go very well with milk, coffee, tea or milo.

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