11 April 2016

Went for Medical Review at Camp

Today took leave to go for the review, almost cannot enter because the NS portal is doing some upgrade, cannot view the e-appt, but luckily the guard let me in because he know I am NSman, he lend me his smartphone to log in to the portal, I told him if I have no business at the camp I won't even be there, at least he understand so I guess army guys all have some level of same understanding. But next time better remember to print out the appointment slip, like that easier for everyone.

So somehow today so many people report sick, my appointment was 10:15 AM, waited until almost 12 PM I cannot take it I go ask how many people in front, the clerk say 12 I almost fainted lol, then since I am NSman he understand I might have somewhere else to go to so he spoke to the MO and I got to jump queue, anyway it's good for me and NSF, for NSF best is they can spend the whole day at the medical centre so can siam training, I was NSF before so I know, but for NSman we really don't have that kind of time to wait, actually after the review I am going back to office to submit some documents, then head to NUH to buy the INR test strips for my wife and also buy groceries.

Anyway today I saw another MO, not the kuai lan one, this one much nicer and even best since he allowed me to jump queue. Go in never say too much, after reading specialist letter and the MRI report, he submitted my case for medical board review, he also told me while waiting for review if my excuse push-up expire can go back and request for extension.

I wonder whether I will be downgraded, my right arm is overall okay just that cannot exert strength to push so push-up is out of the question, I scared if exert too hard might open the wound, guess I will just wait a few more months before trying to do any heavy workout on my right arm.

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