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Singapore Police Force Scary Efficient


In this day and age Singapore still have robbery cases, but I guess we are just living too comfortably to know that bad things will always happen.

Anyway this poor uncle was robbed of $60 and badly injured, he was robbed at 5.30am in Tampines, then on the same day at 4pm, the police managed to arrest the robber, wah seh, less than 12 hours settled.

But I cannot imagine why people would want to rob, and for $60 go and beat up someone, how many people will bring so much valuables out for them to rob, if really want might as well go target those richer people right, go target people trying hard to make a living, this robber also bastard.

Furthermore since this bastard have the energy to go rob and beat up people, why not get a job instead, I can only say he is a lazy useless bum.

Received Final Government Matching for CDA

Just noticed that the final $1,500 matching from government in baby's CDA:

I put in $6,000, government matched $6,000, total have $12,000, and also last year government topped up $500, the other $230.28 is interest from OCBC.

This money I think very helpful if need to go nursery or kindergarten, if choose those less expensive ones, I don't think can use finish, but if choose those one month $1000+ type, one year finish.

Now I'm thinking whether nursery is even necessary at all, I remember last time I go nursery, only eat, sleep, play, run around, never really learn anything useful. Kindergarten I remember sing songs, eat, sleep, run around, also kind of crap. Now maybe they improved I don't know.

Too bad CDA cannot pay for those martial arts classes or music classes, I think it's better for baby to learn something more specialized, if go to nursery or kindergarten, they probably just teach abc, sing song, 123, play toys, play with other kids, except for the sociali…

Take Leave So Lower Performance Rating

Today my boss reviewed my performance for the past year, he hinted that I took a lot of leaves but he understand that last year my wife gave birth so most of it was due to that, rating not as good as last one, but he wrote positive remarks for me, anyway I don't hope for high increment or high bonus, this year have is good enough.

Thanks to him I also realized that all those reservist, paternity, childcare, sick or annual leaves all top level don't care, they only look at my productivity, for example my work days in one month is around 22, so if I work all 22 days my productivity will be 100%, top level love to see this, so the logic is such that even if I sit in office and do nothing for the whole day, as long as I appear for work, act busy when needed, my productivity will be 100% lol. No wonder so many slackers in my company, now I know how these people can survive so long even though they are not capable at all.

But if out of 22 days, let's say I take 7 days leave, my …

About Wife's Valve Replacement Surgery Cost

Today I emailed NUH and enquired about the cost range of her type of operation for C class ward, they sent me a Care Cost Form for 8 days of hospitalization for Valve Repair / Replacement surgery, the price range starts from $24,551 for mild case to $35,462 for complex case. The form also suggested that the likely total could be $27,279, not sure how they derive the likely total but I guess it's a median number.

I think the form never include the possibility of staying in ICU, I read from NUH website, it mentioned that after valve replacement surgery, need to stay in ICU for 1-2 days, then in normal ward for 3-4 days. Anyway I guess for complex case need to stay longer.

I did my own calculations based on information from here, I came up with 4 scenarios:

MildLikelyComplexExtremeHospital bill$24,551.00$27,279.00$35,462.00$100,000.00Less 55% subsidy for PR$11,047.95$12,275.55$15,957.90$45,000.00C class pro-ration for PR$4,861.10$5,401.24$7,021.48$19,800.00Less deductible for C class$…

Cream for Baby's Dry Skin

Baby have dry skin sometimes, can get so dry that it looks a bit scaly, tried a few creams and doesn't work, some even made it worse, end up she will have a slight rash and the dryness will come back again.

Finally I tried the cream (Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula) that I bought for wife after her pregnancy, after applying for two days, it works, now baby's skin seems to be more moist.

This one not very expensive, I think one big bottle $10+.

Indian Rice for Lunch ;)

Yummy! $5 eat until very full!

Visited Wife's Cardiologist at NUH

Today went to see her cardiologist, he said need to prepare for her valve replacement surgery. It will be an open-heart surgery, no other option, and it will take about one month for her to recover, so if we decide to proceed, we need to switch to milk powder for baby because now baby is mostly eating breast milk, some cereal, and some milk powder.

He mentioned that her echo results last week is getting worse, her valve seems to be getting narrower, what I understand from him is that if the valve is blocked, it can result in sudden death. So he arranged for us to meet the surgeon in Jun, the surgeon will explain the details to us.

But wife is not keen on the surgery, she said that she is feeling well now, ultimately I cannot force her, I can only try to encourage her to go do it while she is still young.

I did some research, actually mechanical valve is supposed to last a patient's lifetime, but thanks to those bogus doctors in Thailand, they go and put a smaller valve for her. My…

My Passive Income So Far

Currently I have two sources of passive income, one is from stock dividends, the other is from blogging, both are kind of slow, so ultimately like most people, the biggest source of my income is still from full-time employment, so that is why I always advocate to people to stay employed no matter how low the pay is or how bad the environment is, if you want to quit, ensure you have a job ready before you throw that letter, and low pay is surely better than no pay.

And so unless I have a million dollar to buy stocks, or my blog have traffic like Xia Xue's, otherwise it is very difficult for these two sources to replace the income from my full-time job.

Anyway, I guess it is time to look back and see how I have done so far in terms of passive income.

Year DividendsBlogging (Adsense)Total Passive IncomeReceivedMthlyReceivedMthlyReceivedMthly2013$613.00$51.08$0.00$0.00$613.00$51.082014$763.70$63.64

Jack's Place @ Anchorpoint

I think this is the second time I've eaten at Jack's Place, first time was very long ago when I was a teenager, I forgot who gave me a treat, I only remember the big potato with edible skin.

The mango juice tasted just like the Peel Fresh mango juice, very sweet, but the straw was dirty with black stains, I told the waitress and she changed the whole glass for me, second glass the straw was still dirty, I decided to just throw away the straw and drink from the glass.

The cooler was very bland, can't taste any strawberry or mango flavour. By the way wife drank quite a bit when I took the picture.

I asked for my beef to be fully cooked because I don't dare to eat raw beef, I think the beef is nice, potato is the same one that I remember, also very nice. Chicken was very bland though.

Wife one looks good but the chicken is probably the same as mine, very bland, must eat with chilli sauce, I think they pan fried it without any seasoning, so you have to add salt or pepper a…

Got Baby Bonus of $1500

Yesterday baby's birthday, so one day before they already credited the money into my bank account, so when I saw the money I immediately transferred to baby's CDA account, now baby's account have more than $11K, later when government match the amount then should have more than $12K.

So far haven't use the money in her account, hope can keep it this way until she goes to higher level of education.

Baby First Birthday

Went to JEM to buy a shoe for her, it's at level 4, family SHOE SHOP, $15.90.

Also bought a small black forest cake for her, $28.

Quite simple day.

Wife Went for Echo at NUH

Next week supposed to see the cardiologist, so this week have to go for echo first, good thing she is PR or else have to pay $345, so after government subsidy is $243.

Today echo took a long time, around 1.5 hours, I take care baby until so tired lol, take care no easy task, especially when baby is on breast milk, cannot be too far away from her mother, now trying to switch to formula, she is slowly taking it, but I still think if possible just stick on breast milk, it's the best, always fresh, always good, formula taste so weird.

Fell into the Drain

Just now went to buy smokes and was walking home, was trying to cross a drain, it doesn't have a walkway so have to climb up a mini slope, it was rainy day and I didn't foresee that it can be so slippery, kan nin na rainy day of course slippery, what the heck was I thinking, plus the soles on my shoes also worn out which made it even worse, so when I tried to climb up I slipped and fell, after that I picked myself up, luckily I instinctively used my right elbow and knees to break the fall, so end up only right elbow have bruises, then also kena my chest, my previous muscle tear injury still haven't fully recover so now feeling very sore, hope it doesn't tear again.

Damn Hot These Days

Recently the weather is super hot, on such days it is a great pleasure to drink ice cold drinks:

16 May 2016 Toto $7m

Just now bought $10 for 10 sets of numbers, first time I bought so much, just trying my luck, some people say Toto is a waste of money, never win one, I also agree, but then if you never buy, the chance of winning is 0.

One thing I like about Toto is there is absolutely no commitment, buy how much, buy how frequently, all up to me, if win good la, if lose that's it, unlike doing business, you put in that money you must win, so end up it is very stressful, all business people I know of told me the same thing, one uncle told me at night he cannot sleep because thinking of his business.

If I win $1m, I think I'll keep quiet, only my wife will know, won't tell anybody else, then I'll buy all sorts of dividend stocks, every year can get 6% enough already, no need to work anymore, best still, move to Thailand, $60,000 is about 1.55m Thai Baht, which is about 129,000 a month, can live very comfortably.

Sometimes I think everyday work work work also sian, but in Singapore don&…

Fish & Co. The Best Fish & Chips in Town!

Just now went to eat at Fish & Co., noticed the fish damn big piece, last time not even half the size, don't know why today so big, or has it always been this big just that last time some bastard gave me a smaller piece?

Anyway today eat until very shiok, the fish melted in my mouth, the batter is super crispy, must go back and eat again.

Went to Buy CAT6 Ethernet Cable

Bought the 20 metres cable at Challenger for $30.51, this is after 10% member discount, the brand is ATake, after I bought it then I read online that this brand not popular, some people say it doesn't deliver the expected speed, I don't know how true is that but at least it works for my 300Mbps connection, now I am able to get the speed that I signed up for after replacing my fake CAT5e cable.

Mine is the flat cable, some people say flat cable has lower performance, I also don't know how true is that, but at least for this 20 metres and for my 300Mbps connection it works fine.

Singlish in Oxford English Dictionary!?!

Yesterday while browsing news at Asiaone mobile site, I saw this article which mentioned Singlish and Oxford dictionary, on closer look I realized that it's The Oxford Dictionary, the same "brand" that I used when I was in primary and secondary school, all the way until internet became so common that one can google anything. I used to have a mini Oxford dictionary which helped me a lot during my early years, but nowadays I just google.

Anyway I find it funny that they added Singlish into their dictionary because Singlish is really a mix of different languages and dialects and short forms, like many people say, it's a Rojak language, and Rojak is Malay for mix together.
But then if these words are so commonly used by people, I guess it would be helpful to be included, but in a Singlish dictionary or something, but since they already included, so be it lol.
These are the 19 words that they added, most of which I have used except Chinese helicopter, lepak and lepaking. …

Starhub Checked My Connection

Last week I upgraded from 100Mbps to 300Mbps, after that I didn't see any difference in the speed so I logged a case with Starhub, today they sent their helpful staff to help me check, the staff said it's my cable problem, he suspected that my cable is low quality even though it is CAT5e, he did some speed tests with his own cable and he said he managed to get 300Mbps both wired and wireless.

So I brought my laptop home, plugged in directly to the ONT using the CAT5e cable from Starhub, the one that came together as a package when I first signed up at my current address, wow, I got 303Mbps, then I switched back to that "low quality" cable, drop down to 93Mbps, really my cable problem lol.

The "low quality" CAT5e cable running into my room is not what it seems, stupid unbranded cable that I bought at Sim Lim Square, I think it's a CAT5 labelled as CAT5e, really chee birds dishonest business people, no wonder the store keeper who sold me the cable had a g…

Blogger Spam Filter

Just recently when I checked my comments section, I noticed that some legit comments got picked out by the spam filter, so if you noticed that your comment disappeared, it's not my doing, I don't delete legit comments, only comments from spammers.

Anyway I have restored all the legit comments, thanks for visiting!

Ice Cold A&W

Ice cold drink on a super hot day, shiok!

Moved My Wireless Router into Room

Wife was complaining that surfing speed on her iPad is slow sometimes, actually I also noticed that sometimes my iPhone don't get full bars, so I decided to move the router inside our room, now seems to be much faster.

From my iPhone:

From my desktop:

By the way Starhub still haven't upgrade my speed to 300Mbps, now I think still 100Mbps. The tech support contacted me and I guess they are going to do something soon.

Went to Jurong Bird Park

So last week we applied for the Friends of Wildlife membership, today we decided to check out the bird park, it's a beautiful place and it was much less crowded than Singapore Zoo or Night Safari, and after walking half the park, we then know why it is less popular, the stench of bird droppings.
The stench can be overpowering especially at areas where there is water, I think the ponds are full of bird droppings, wife felt like puking lol, I also cannot take it, but other than the smell, the staff were very friendly, the environment is very beautiful, actually I think bird park is more beautiful than zoo, but bird park seems to be smaller than zoo. I think maybe because it rained a few times which made the smell worse.
And the bird I like most are penguins, especially those smaller ones, the way they walk is very cute, anyway I didn't take photos of them, but can see in my video.
As for spending, didn't really spend much there, only bought 3 scoops of ice-cream for $12.51 …