Singapore Police Force Scary Efficient

Received Final Government Matching for CDA

Take Leave So Lower Performance Rating

About Wife's Valve Replacement Surgery Cost

Cream for Baby's Dry Skin

Indian Rice for Lunch ;)

Visited Wife's Cardiologist at NUH

My Passive Income So Far

Jack's Place @ Anchorpoint

Got Baby Bonus of $1500

Baby First Birthday

Wife Went for Echo at NUH

Fell into the Drain

Damn Hot These Days

16 May 2016 Toto $7m

Fish & Co. The Best Fish & Chips in Town!

Went to Buy CAT6 Ethernet Cable

Singlish in Oxford English Dictionary!?!

Starhub Checked My Connection

Blogger Spam Filter

Ice Cold A&W

Moved My Wireless Router into Room

Went to Jurong Bird Park